a classic in our classrooms

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a classic in our classrooms

Wing chair

The wing chair It is a classic piece of interior design that is familiar to all of us. Fundamental piece in the decoration of the bourgeois class homes during the 18th century, in the last decade it has regained the prominence lost thanks to modern versions that combine design and functionality.

These armchairs have as a piece of furniture a long journey. Although there are differences in their origin, there are many who establish it in the England of the late 17th century. Where the winters were cold, the high back and side wings characteristic of this piece offered families protection against drafts and helped them keep warm.

Anyway, this piece reached its maximum popularity in the 18th century. It was at that time when the design gained comfort and acquired an aesthetic that is not so far from the current one. It then occupied a privileged place in the bedrooms and living rooms of the bourgeois dwellings and continued doing so for the subsequent centuries until its democratization.

Wing chairs

1. Poltrona Frau, 2. Egg, 3. Ro

Popular wing chairs

"Poltrona Frau", created by Renzo Frau in 1912 is one of the most popular wing chairs. Leather upholstery and with capitoné back, became a symbol of well-being and power, decorating with style the bourgeois houses of the time.

In the twentieth century iconic models such as "Egg" by Arne Jacobsen or "Ro" by Jaime Hayón, both designed for the Danish company Fritz Hansen, modernized the design of this piece. They bet on organic forms that adapted to the back and metal legs as a novelty.

Sancal wing chairs

Wing chairs “Boomerang Chill” and “Folk” by Sancal

We can also find among the design wing chairs, spanish pieces. Those created by Quim Larrea and Rafa García for the Spanish design brand Sancal are not as popular as the previous ones, but they are very interesting for their modern aesthetics.

Where to use them?

The wingchair is a classic of interior design. A versatile piece that works well in different rooms thanks to its design, elegance and comfort. In the classroom, placed next to other sofas or armchairs we can use it to incorporate a color note to the set.

Wing chairs in the living room

It is also common in others areas for rest Like the bedroom It is not hard to imagine it in a large master bedroom next to the fireplace or the window. And I could be especially practical in the nursery during breastfeeding and while the baby needs to be cradled.

Offices, studies and libraries They are also places where the wing chair can find its place. Also small spaces within another room for reading can benefit from a piece of furniture like this. Especially if you choose a modern and daring design that helps you highlight this area and give it greater prominence.

Wing chairs

What design to choose?

When it comes to creating a different environment in a larger room, a modern design wing chair can help you highlight this area and give it a greater prominence. Choose in those cases vibrant tone designs that draw attention to the rest of the decoration.

Vibrant tones such as yellow, orange or pink are also ideal for decorating and bringing personality to creative spaces. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a space in which to serve your clients that transmit seriousness armchairs in dark tones as black, gray or blue are more appropriate.

Wing chairs

The leather wing chairs They are another of the great alternatives of the market. These are always a success to incorporate a classic and masculine touch to a workspace. But also to print warmth to familiar spaces decorated in neutral and cold tones.

To decorate French and English style spaces of vintage inspiration, choose them in pastel colors: green, blue, and pink. And to complete bohemian or youth style stays do not hesitate to risk with designs in intense colors: purple, pink, garnet and yellow, among others.

Do you have a wing chair at home?

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