A DIY for Halloween easy and cheap – Bats

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A DIY for Halloween easy and cheap - Bats

A few hours after Halloween begins, we want to propose an easy and cheap craft so that the little ones can participate in the setting of the house on this special day for them. Are you willing to fill your house with bats?

If the answer is yes, all you will need is the following:

  • Bathroom paper rolls, already worn clear ;]
  • Black paint, if you want your children to participate, an acrylic paint is the best option to clean it easily later.
  • Brushes.
  • Black cardboard.
  • Eye stickers.
  • Glue or glue
  • Scissors.


And of course, get down to work:

1. Paint: The first step is to paint the roll of black paper. Paint it completely and let it dry upright so that the color is as uniform as possible.

2. Flatten: Once the roll is dry, flatten it completely so you can easily carry out the next step.

3. Double: Put the roll upright and fold down one side of the top.

4. Double II: Fold the other side of the top in such a way that they are evenly folded and the roll completely closed on top.

5. Repeat: Do the same again, this time with the bottom of the roll.

6. Paste: Glue the eyes that you have chosen for your bat in what will be the head.

7. Cut and paste: Draw on the black card a pair of wings of the same size and shape, to make sure, you can use the outline of the first one as a template of the second one. Once drawn, cut them and stick them to the body of the bat.

8. Got it!: You already have your paper roll bat ready for the Halloween party.


Now it is the most fun, find the way to use it in your home so that it is as sinister and terrifying as possible. Happy Halloween!




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