A fancy lamp for the little ones in the house

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A fancy lamp for the little ones in the house

The room of the smallest of the house is always a special place, a magical place where you can give life to your fantasies without almost anything seems too excessive, a place where we can capture the whole personality of the child in both large and small details .

An example of simple transformation is to choose to add small details to one of the basic and functional elements of the room, such as lamps. A few small details on the lamps and the room will be renewed!

In this example, we are going to turn a simple feather lamp into a fantasy of the Butterfly Nest. For its preparation we will use the following materials:

Used materials

  • A feather lamp (model Kokot of the L & M). You can customize any type of lamp but the most convenient is to be light or neutral colors with the aim that the detail to add highlight as much as possible.
  • Rubber-Eva or Felt paper in various colors combined for the chosen motif.
  • A template of the chosen motive.
  • Scissors or if we are more hands a cutter to debug the cut.
  • Long pins and / or putty to stick the motive to the lamp.


Once the materials are laid out, the elaboration is quite simple:

  1. Draw with the help of the template the desired motif on the Rubber-Eva or Felt.
  2. Cut with scissors or cutter according to our ability.
  3. We cut into various shapes and colors combined.
  4. In the case of butterflies, we bend them to give them dimension and dynamism.
  5. We combine with other colors and we create our butterflies in various colors.
  6. We paste the reasons to the lamp.


As you can see the process is fast, simple. In the pictures below we can see the final result:




Without a doubt, a spectacular result with little effort so that your little ones are once again fascinated :)

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