a flexible storage system

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Decor : a flexible storage system

Modular shelf

A modular shelf It will allow you to organize books, plants, souvenirs, toys or work supplies to always have them at hand. Due to its characteristics, you can decorate with them any room, whether large or small, satisfying different storage needs.

Today it is possible to find modular furniture of different styles to satisfy all kinds of needs. The modular ones are, without a doubt, one of the most interesting. Why? Among other reasons because they allow us to easily create original designs and expand them when space is running out, thus fulfilling two basic functions, one decorative and another practical. All are advantages!

The advantages of modular shelving

A modular shelf gives us two weight advantages compared to a traditional one. The possibility of expanding furniture in the future is one of the great advantages of modular shelving. Thus, we will avoid having to replace the furniture with another one with greater storage capacity or incorporate another that does not fit the general aesthetics when it becomes too small. It is therefore a simple, adaptable solution that will allow you to save in the future if your needs change.

Modular shelf

The adaptability This type of shelf is another reason to bet on them. It is very easy to adapt them to any space, be it large or small, as the independent modules allow us to play with the design. That is why they are the favorites when decorating “difficult” spaces and even corners. Look at the images!

Where to use them?

You can use them in the hall to create storage space for shoes, bags and other accessories and accessories. It is very practical to have a space in which to leave all these things when you get home, don’t you agree?

Modular shelf

You can also use them in children’s bedrooms To keep toys or books or in your workspaces can be very practical to have all your supplies at hand. And of course, they are ideal as a shelf “for everything” in the living room.

Some modular shelves

The Eket, Svälnas and Fjälkinge series are some of the most popular in the Ikea catalog. The Serie Eket is an ultra-scalable system and flexible storage, which you can customize by combining different elements and colors. It is made up of large and small shelves, open and closed, in neutral colors such as white or gray or striking colors such as blue or orange.

Ikea shelving

Ikea shelving

The Svälnas series made of bamboo offers both open and closed storage solutions. Some suspension rails They serve as a basis for combining shelves of different depths and widths to store everything from books to small things. The Fjälkinge series, meanwhile, is made up of flexible modules with simple lines from the series that make it possible to combine with different styles of furniture. The long and thin steel shelves also provide a feeling of lightness and spaciousness, making it a great success for decorating small spaces.

But not only at Ikea you can find modular shelves. The Kub and Dinamic series by Leroy Merlin also provide you with many possibilities to decorate your home. Made of particle board, Kub combines shelves in the form of cubes and baskets made of fabrics of different colors.

Leroy Merlin shelving

Leroy Merlin Kub and Dinamic Modular Shelving Unit

Unlike the previous Dinamic it is a pine wood shelf solid, without varnish. A shelf that combines open and closed modules with drawers. Ideal to create a work area with space for all utensils.

Modular shelves are, due to their adaptability, a great proposal to decorate each and every corner of our home. Some of them can help us organize even the smaller spaces; those that due to their size or disposition we have given up as lost.

We just need to find the one that best suits our practical and aesthetic needs, to create a storage solution in this or that room. The ones we have shown you are just some of the options but there are many more.

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