A Heart for everyone, a project for Madrid

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Decor : A Heart for everyone, a project for Madrid

In Madrid a citizen project is being promoted that seeks to put the city in the international focus. It is a project to build a tower over 375 meters high and is being developed by a team of professionals from the world of communication, real estate specialists, architects, lawyers, economists, merchants, prestigious auditors, and for the that the promoters of the project are looking for a location.

A Heart for everyone

The project is called “A Heart for everyone” and consists of the construction of a multi-space tower shaped like a heart, so that from the sky, in Google Maps, Earth and other applications and satellite image plans, in Madrid, from now on, a big heart will be seen on the ground.

The main objective of this project is to send, from Madrid, a message of friendship and brotherhood to the rest of the world, in addition to adding to Madrid an emblematic and unique icon that characterizes it, in addition to helping to create thousands of jobs. , energizing and strengthening the economy.

Other basic aspects of the project are that it will be a tower for people, created with the philosophy that it is open and accessible so that everyone can enjoy it, that it is an international benchmark in energy self-sufficiency and bio-construction and at the forefront of digital technology. In addition, the basic stone of the project is that it will have an important solidarity component, to honor its name.

But possibly the most unique aspect is that formulas will be established so that anyone who wants to participate and contribute their illusion to the project has the possibility of doing it in a very clear, simple and special way. That is why the motto of the project is “A heart for everyone, in which everyone can participate.”

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