a unique and original touch in your home

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a unique and original touch in your home

Wall murals

1.adj.Perteneciente or relative to the wall.
2. adj.Dicho of a thing: That, extended, occupies a good part of wall or wall.
3.m.Painting or wall decoration.

There are many alternatives to bring a unique touch to our home. One of the most daring is to bet on the wall murals. Murals in which to give free rein to your creativity or in which reflect the work of other artists with different media.

Wall murals are a great tool for both draw attention on a concrete wall as to provide depth to the space. As other decorative elements will also help you to reflect your own personality one or more rooms of your home.

Wall murals

How to create wall murals?

To create a mural you can use different resources. We are sure that by reading the word mural you will have thought of the painting, one of the most personal ways we have to create them. However, it is not easy to face a blank wall with the only help of a brush or paintbrush. And it is not necessary either; Three are the resources that we can use:

  • Painting
  • Stamped wallpapers
  • Wall murals

Do not discard without first reading what we have to tell you murals painted by hand. Believe us when we tell you that it is not necessary to be a great artist to be able to paint one. You can see examples of simple murals that will make your fear of facing a blank wall disappear.

Types of mural according to your design

What are the most popular reasons? Murals with botanical motifs are nowadays the favorites to decorate the wall, because of the color and freshness they impart to different environments. But they are not the only alternatives we have.

  • Botanists: Keeping the interior of your home cool is possible with wall murals with botanical motifs. Bet on classic floral prints if you want to print your bedroom vintage character and for tropical reasons to dress modern and daring spaces.

Botanical wall murals

  • Urban landscapes: An overview of a city you have visited, a particular corner of the city in which you grew up or a place you have always wanted to go to can evoke different feelings. That is why it is not surprising that urban landscapes, whether photographic, abstract or conceptual, have become so popular when it comes to decorating avant-garde spaces.

Murals of urban landscapes

  • Maps: Maps have a unique way of presenting ideas and concepts in an artistic way. A wall mural of a map will become a focal point and will lead to numerous conversations. Currently the most sober maps, those more discreet in terms of color, the favorites to decorate rooms, offices and bedrooms.

Maps decorating the wall

  • Geometric patterns: Geometric patterns have gained a great prominence among wall murals. One of the reasons for this is that anyone can make them using masking tape to draw the pattern and different colors or paint tones to fill them. The result? A fun and modern space.

Wall murals with geometric patterns

Children's murals

Children's rooms allow us to express ourselves freely and play with different colors and shapes with the sole purpose of creating spaces that awaken the imagination of the little ones. Spaces like those that are achieved with murals like the ones shown below and that have nature as a protagonist.

Children's murals

During the first years the reasons for flowers or those with animals are the most common. Then it is advisable to reinforce individuality of the child betting for reasons that they like and that they know how to appreciate. Is your child an explorer? Do you like the mountain? Do you prefer cars? Do you enjoy drawing and coloring landscapes? Take it as a reference to make your bedroom a unique and special space like him / her.

Would you dare to decorate your home with murals like the ones we have shown you? At Bezzia we think it's a nice way to customize any space. And, as you have been able to verify, it is not necessary to have a great brush domain to use this resource.

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