ÁBATON signs the 150th reform two decades later

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ÁBATON signs the 150th reform two decades later

The ÁBATON study was opened 21 years ago by the architects Camino Alonso and Ignacio Lechón, together with the Industrial Engineer Carlos Alonso. Together with this study, they launched their own construction company to be able to control the entire process. Throughout these years, they have had time to create their own style and research new materials to use in their projects. In these 21 years, they have carried out a large number of projects, the last one a comprehensive reform in the Madrid neighborhood of Almagro, which is the 150th project, only in reforms.

We also have to highlight that they have carried out more than 196 new construction projects, which means more than 300 projects executed in these two decades. Although ÁBATON is focused on residential work, they have also executed projects related to hotels, restaurants or clinics, working throughout the Spanish geography and even in foreign countries such as Cyprus or Finland.

Search service

They are masters in creating efficient, versatile, simple spaces, linked to the environment and to those who will inhabit them. Stresses the attention they pay to sustainability, respect for nature and integration with it. In addition, in recent times they have implemented, with great success, the exclusive ‘ÁBATON search service’. Depending on the needs and priorities of the client, that is in an absolutely personalized way, properties are searched and located or land with potential to become an authentic ‘ÁBATON House’.

An example is this house, in Almagro, located thanks to said ‘Search service’ and in which the quality of the architecture of the building in which it was located was especially valued. They looked for a flat that allowed to generate the house program that the client needed, enriched by the original architectural elements that were restored with care and managed to make this floor a unique space. The pieces recovered from the time of the original construction are mixed with harmony with a more modern and versatile conception of the interior space in which it has been prioritized to maximize the natural light and the diaphanous spaces.

Differentiation of spaces

To make the owners' requests come true, the social space of the private area was differentiated. In the first one a private and spacious lobby was developed. The kitchen and living room are organized as successive openings communicated with each other and that increase the spatial sensation. This design also allows visual continuity, facilitating the entry of natural light.

The original structural and decorative elements and their materials were recovered, without hiding the inevitable passage of time and without renouncing a contemporary conception of the use of space and its language.

It is also important to emphasize the moldings with floral motifs located on the ceilings of the master bedroom. The task of cleaning and rehabilitation was entrusted to a restorer, and the ceiling of the room of the same color was painted, unlike the vertical cloths. And for these to be admired in their complexity and beauty from each side, the furniture was custom designed.

A cozy and very warm atmosphere has been achieved thanks to the sensitivity developed when assessing and recovering key materials and elements. It's about the high ceilings and colorful moldings, an old marble fireplace and wooden carpentry in doors and windows.

Here we must extol the originality of the elements. We opted for the use of a brick wall, revealing the traditional construction system used. The metal reinforcements in the gaps represent a central element in the project, the original structure supported by the shortcuts is uncovered, so that they are not only visible but also protagonists.

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