Adnet Mirror: A round whim

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Adnet Mirror: A round whim

Of singular aesthetic and little ostentatious, nobody would think to think that the circular mirror Adnet it was a design originally created for a luxury firm. Today is a piece of full relevance, a source of inspiration for decorators and interior designers who use it in the design of their most current interiors.

Different, elegant, sophisticated, the adjectives fall short for this round mirror that will allow you to completely change the look of a bathroom or a hall with just hanging it and also providing a plus personality. We tell you a little about their history and we propose some ideas to use in your home that will surely inspire you.

Adnet bathroom mirror

Egue and Mushroom

Behind its design is the French interior designer and architect Jacques Adnet (1900-1984). One of the greatest exponents of luxurious French modernism and a pioneer in his time, being the first designers in integrate glass, metal and leather into the structure and decoration of furniture and accessories for home.

The style of Adnet symbolized to perfection the luxury and refinement of the time which led him in 1950 to collaborate almost naturally with the French fashion house Hermès for the creation of a series of furniture and home accessories that were emblematic of the brand. The result was a discreet but at the same time luxurious collection thanks to the use of noble materials such as skin and bronze. Among these pieces was of course, the original Adnet round mirror.

Mirror Adnet lounge

Svenka Mäklarhuset

The structure of Adnet mirror It is formed by a round mirror covered in high quality skin dyed and coming from Florence. The most original and striking design is leather straps sewn by hand to the structure and used to hang it to the wall can be adjusted in height by some bronze buckles that give it a certain equestrian appearance.

Another particularity of the belts is that their length is directly proportional to the diameter of the mirror, so that regardless of the dimensions of the mirror, the visual effect in a space will be practically the same.

Adnet mirror

Help decorate

Today the Adnet mirror It is still a little whim, made with high quality materials and a very fine finish that is reissued by the Danish firm Gubi. You can find it in several sizes (Ø45cm, Ø58cm and Ø70cm) and in three different colors (black, brown and olive green) and its price ranges between 600 and 1,000 euros depending on the size.

Adnet bathroom mirror


The simplicity of its design is compensated by the warmth of the materials used, especially leather, which make it a Timeless and very versatile design able to adapt to any space and decorative style:

1. It becomes an unexpected protagonist in any bathroom, however bland it may be, thanks to its peculiar design:

Adnet bathroom mirror


The protagonism is multiplied with the use of two mirrors:

Adnet bathroom mirror

Desire to Inspire2.

2. The receiver is also a very appropriate place to place a Adnet mirror collaborating without a doubt to give a warm reception to your visits:

Mirror Adnet hall

Est Living

3. Its leather finish makes it ideal for spaces of male aesthetics:

Male Adnet Mirror

Reno Home

Keys to getting a masculine style at home

4. Place it on any sideboard, low shelf or chest of drawers to finish defining the style of your space:

Mirror Adnet lounge

55 Kvadrat

5. On a simple table in your bedroom will serve as a striking dressing table mirror:

Mirror Adnet bedroom

int2 Architecture

6. Even the kitchen will benefit from its particular aesthetic, creating a striking focal point wherever you place it:

Mirror Adnet kitchen


7. Pongas where you put it will always be a safe bet, even if you place it on a wall asymmetrically with respect to the rest of the furniture:

Mirror Adnet lounge


And you, do you like the Adnet mirror as much as us? If you have one at home, we would love for you to show it to us. Do you dare?

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