Advanced technical solutions for architecture and construction in Torre Titania

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Decor : Advanced technical solutions for architecture and construction in Torre Titania

Within the financial district of Madrid, we find the Titania Tower or Torre Azca. The building was erected on the remains of the Windsor Tower, a building that was devastated by fire. Inside it houses a shopping center and offices along its 27 floors. For two of its main spaces, the event room and the offices, constructive technical solutions have been applied that have required a specialized study to meet their needs.

The sculptural and highly complex technical work of Grupo GUBIA

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The events room is located in the upper area of ​​the building, offering panoramic views of the entire city. In addition to this, it has a three-dimensional coating that makes it something unique. For its design, it had the collaboration of the GUBIA Group, a Sevillian studio specialized in the design of spaces in wood and bamboo.

Due to the variable atmospheric conditions in temperature and humidity of the room, GUBIA recommended the use of bamboo (a very stable and warm material at the same time) and WBP phenolic plywood finished in black lacquer to create the central volumetry.

It is the conical development of a 60x38mm GUBIA BSP38 CV solid bamboo slatted cladding, placed with a minimum separation between them, which embraces the entire space. As a basis for this cladding, Grupo GUBIA’s technical department has manufactured 84 wooden trusses classified by levels in different radii and curvatures.

Elevated three meters above the occupancy plane, the bamboo (treated with a colorless saturator that maintains the natural appearance of the material unchanged) blends and contrasts with the black lacquer of a sculptural cladding with a carefree character that surrounds the trapezoidal shape of the area of stairs.

The use of Grupo GUBIA bamboo enhances the brightness of the room and the welcoming character of a space that lends itself to social relations, where the comfort of the attendees is essential. On the other hand, the light that is naturally propelled through the windows that close the space, creates a striking play of shadows on the inclined planes of the central sculpture, a sequence of pyramids that invite ingenuity and inspiration.

POLYGROUP technology with Leed Gold rating for pavement

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Likewise, another of the unique technical solutions that characterize this event room is its flooring. Given that the hustle and bustle of day-to-day traffic is high, POLYGROUP, an international company based in Seville, manufacturer of high-quality technical floors, has contributed its experience to the configuration of an innovative and stable flooring system, called GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL ; a technology that only POLYGROUP manufactures in the whole of Europe and that, in addition, has recently obtained the Leed Gold classification that provides Leed credits to the building.

This type of technical floor, versatile, unalterable against humidity and highly resistant to load, resists fire and also offers great acoustic absorption. It is made up of two electro-welded steel sheets and lightened cement injection, which give it the highest levels of performance and resistance to dynamic and static loads, and finished with anti-corrosive epoxy paint.

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The solid GAMAFLOR fully bolted lifting structure (pedestal-crossbar) guarantees total stability, leveling and better acoustic absorption within the different accessible floor systems. The use of inert materials during manufacturing classifies this elevated flooring system with a 0% moisture absorption index, also obtaining the lowest level of thermal conductivity compared to other raised flooring systems.

In this case, a screwed bare raised access floor has been chosen, without a specific finish, for the subsequent laying of a self-supporting floor.

This raised floor system is also used by the most important engineering companies in the United States, both for the commercial sector and for the Data Center, Oil and Gas or Telecommunications technology sector.

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