Advantages of placing artificial grass

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Advantages of placing artificial grass

Artificial grass

Those of us who have had or have a garden know how complicated it is that it is keep the grass. Not only do you have to mow and water it, you also have to keep it free of weeds and moss in the wettest areas. Many hours that are not always rewarded with a beautiful appearance of this, which can be frustrating.

We do not always have the time to take care of the lawn properly. That is why it should not surprise us that the artificial grass It is a product that has gained acceptance over time. In addition to having less maintenance, which translates into greater savings in time and money, its appearance is much more realistic today and its touch much more pleasant than years ago.

Maintenance is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for betting on artificial turf. But not the only one. The artificial grass presents numerous advantages We develop for you below:

Artificial grass

Todocesped artificial grass

It can be installed on different surfaces

Artificial turf can be installed on earth, concrete or tile ... It is increasingly common to decorate the terrace with artificial grass or see it installed on walls decorating all kinds of businesses. It can be placed on virtually any surface, as long as we choose for each of them the appropriate model.

Less maintenance and greater savings

With artificial grass you significantly reduce maintenance necessary so that the appearance of your garden is optimal. It is not cut or paid and barely irrigated, which represents a considerable saving of water and other resources compared to natural grass. However, it is good to perform some basic maintenance and cleaning care so that the grass is kept in the best conditions for as long as possible.

To keep the artificial grass as the first day it will be necessary brush it periodically, water it once or twice a month - or more frequently in summer if you want to keep it fresh - and replace the silica sand when necessary.

Artificial grass

Artificial turf of Leroy Merlin

Good drainage capacity

Artificial turf is resistant to inclement weather: rain, sun, snow or frost. It has a large drainage capacity, so that if the surface before installing the artificial grass did not flood, then it will not. There are models that can drain up to 70L per square meter every minute.


It does not produce any health problems or irritations, no allergic reactions of any kind. Unlike natural grass, it accumulates less bacteria, mites, insects or worms, since these do not find the surface so attractive. Avoiding it, in addition, is as simple as using a sanitizing perfume.

Compatible with pets

Do you have dogs or cats at home? Artificial turf is compatible with all types of pets and pets. Especially interesting in this case are the models with high resistance, recommended for terraces with a lot of traffic or furniture, and for pets such as dogs.

The acidity of the urine It does not damage them and it is very easy to clean the lawn if your pet needs it. It admits cleaning with non-abrasive products, and in extreme cases they can be applied, as long as they are significantly diluted.

Artificial grass

Todocesped Installation Guide

Easy installation

Perform the installation of this lawn on concrete and tile It is very simple; You can take care of it without the need of a professional. On land, however, it can be more complicated and require a smaller work. Depending on the characteristics of the terrain, it may be necessary to level it. In addition, it will be essential that it remains firm and compact if we want to install the artificial turf correctly.

Are you determined to change the natural grass of your garden for an artificial one? Do you want to change the appearance of your terrace and give it a fresh green point? If so, we recommend that consult with professionals of the sector and let yourself be advised by them. We promise to share with you, soon, those characteristics in which you will have to look to be right with your choice.

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