All the keys to decorate your home with boho style

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Decor : All the keys to decorate your home with boho style

Boho style

We could define the boho style as a decorative style cool, happy and fun. A style that features vibrant colors, natural materials and exotic pieces. A mix in which everything seems to have a place and that contributes to creating unique and very personal atmospheres.

It is bogo style is a style that invites Skip the rules. But beware! Failure to set limits runs the risk of overcrowding and overloading spaces. To avoid this, it is advisable to start from a neutral base. A blank canvas from which to start coloring the room through furniture and accessories.

Full color!

Colors intense, joyful and vibrant They are protagonists of the boho style. In spaces decorated in this style, purples, oranges, reds, yellows, blues and / or greens coexist with apparent naturalness, thus creating an atmosphere with a unique energy.

Boho style

In the boho style there is no written rule on the use of color. However, in order to prevent these spaces from becoming excessive, interior designers propose to use a neutral base on floors and walls. In fact, today the bohemian style acquires in many spaces a more sober and elegant appearance thanks to the use of a duller color palette.

Ethnic motifs

He Mix & match It is another of the resources of this decorative style. As well as the colors, the prints are also combined and they do it in a somewhat arbitrary way through different textiles. The ethnic motifs that we invite you to use without fear acquire special prominence!

Ethnic motifs

Rugs and cushions are never enough

On the bed, sofa or on the floor. The cushions allow us to sit or lie down in a relaxed way. Choose cushions of different sizes and / or patterns and combine them to create eye-catching sets. Do you think they are enough? Take another look, sure there is still room for one more.

The carpets they are another essential element. The usual thing is to dress each room with different designs of geometric and / or ethnic motifs. And even superimpose them to create rooms that are warmer, more fun and with a more pleasant footprint. Imagine walking barefoot on these!

In addition to cushions and rugs, embroidery, macramé or loom weaving also take center stage in the textile sector. The tapestries they are, in fact, a widely used resource in bohemian settings to dress the walls.

Exotic and / or recovered pieces

Recover old furniture and transforming them using bold colors is another way to bring these spaces to life. You should keep that if its old appearance; The more worn and aged, the better. Look at the blue dresser in the image below, how wonderful!

Bohemian style

The exotic pieces they also play a leading role in boho-style settings. You can buy them at the rakes in your city or on your trips. In fact, displaying not only the furniture, but the objects that serve as a souvenir of your trips is a way to give a room a unique and personal touch. Instruments, lamps, bedspreads … anything goes!

Yes to the natural

Wood, vegetable fibers, leather, ceramics… Natural materials cannot be missing in a boho decoration. A wooden bench, a bamboo shelf, a leather pouf, a jute rug and terracotta plant pots are ideal for decorating these spaces.

Natural materials

Nor can plants be missing. Place them in terracotta plant pots or in vegetable fiber baskets that help create that natural space you are looking for. And don’t forget to hang some of the walls or ceilings, through macrame hangers that you can learn to make yourself.

The boho style is fresh, fun and an exercise in creativity. Do you like to decorate your home?

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