Aluminum doors and windows, the highlight of any building

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Decor : Aluminum doors and windows, the highlight of any building

If you are concerned that your home is well insulated and that, above all, it is as safe as possible, you should not overlook an element as important as aluminum doors and windows. This type of doors and windows give confidence in the face of possible dangers, and keep the home away from extreme temperatures and loud noises. What’s more, the Barcelona manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows Macrisal, highlights that the current enclosures have nothing to do with those of a few years ago, in terms of comfort, acoustic and thermal insulation achieved, not to mention design. In short, they are an important added value for any building.

That is why it is important to know how to choose the most suitable doors and windows for your needs, since there are many different types. Next we will show you the main advantages of having aluminum windows and doors in your home.


The current aluminum door and window enclosures have different anti-theft protection systems that make them the best on the market. Multipoint locks, central locks, anti-drill bowlers with a point key… In this way, you will make sure to keep possible robbers out of the house. As a curiosity, it is important to emphasize that aluminum is a material of extreme hardness, perfect also when it comes to fighting attacks by brute force.


Aluminum is a material that resists blows very well and scratches, so you won’t have to worry about possible accidents when handling both doors and windows. Furthermore, it is very low flammable. An ideal advantage when stopping fires in the house. In this way, the fire will be mitigated from one room to another.

Thermal isolation

Speaking in silver, in aluminum windows, glass has more prominence when it comes to thermally insulating the home, than profiling. But as a material, aluminum will help keep heat from escaping from inside the home. This, in addition to helping you save in terms of energy, will also save your pocket since the cost of heating will be much, much less. That is to say, the home will heat up sooner since it will have no loopholes to flee.

Acoustic isolation

If you live in a noisy area where cars pass by all the time, where you live with neighbors who love to scream, where parties are held day in and day out … Ideally, you should opt for aluminum doors and windows as they are capable of eliminating largely outside noise. Let’s see, as I mentioned in the previous section, they are not the main protagonists when it comes to counteracting external agents, since glass, in the case of windows, is super important in this work. But aluminum, is able to dampen sound waves, thus preventing the transmission of noise within the building.

We hope we have helped you when deciding on the type of doors and windows that you are going to install at home. As you have seen, we recommend aluminum. A safe material capable of giving you the comfort you need.

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