an always striking architectural element

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Decor : an always striking architectural element

Spiral stairs

The indoor stairs beyond helping us connect the different floors of a house, they are also an important asset at a decorative level. There are many types of stairs very different in design, but few as striking as the spiral stairs.

The spiral stairs they have a great aesthetic value and usually become the center of attention of that room in which they are located. They are also the most appropriate to save the height between two floors occupying the minimum space. But not everything are advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Spiral stairs have numerous advantages over traditional stairs. The most important is your aesthetic value; the spiral stairs fill the room, not so much for its size as for its sculptural design. That which makes them the center of attention. But we must also talk about other advantages:

  • The spiral stairs reduce horizontal space which require traditional stairs and are therefore very useful for connecting small spaces.
  • The almost sculptural design of these provides great aesthetic value.
  • They can be manufactured in one great variety of materials and with different styles.

Spiral stairs

As we have already advanced, not everything is disadvantages. There are not many “cons” of these stairs but they are very important. We cannot ignore that in order to reduce the space they occupy they become “difficult” stairs that require more physical effort to climb.

  • Having a steeper slope requires a greater physical effort upload them They can be complicated for people with mobility difficulties and dangerous for children
  • It is impossible to imagine going up and down this kind of stairs a mattress or furniture; which makes everyday life very difficult.

With the purpose of avoid the dangers of these stairs, two are the elements on which we must look. The first, the direction of rotation; A spiral staircase is more dangerous in descents than in ascents, which is why it is recommended that the track line follows the direction of clockwise, so that the right hand can hold onto the railing during descent. The second is the width of the steps; bet on wider helical stairs in which the entire foot fits in the outer half of the step.

According to your style

Spiral stairs can help us define the style from our home We can find them manufactured in different materials, the most common being wood and steel for their lightness. But they can also be built in other materials such as reinforced concrete, much in demand today in vabguardist style homes,

A renovated classic

The wooden stairs in medium or dark tones with worked railings, like the one you can see in the image below, bring a classic touch to our homes. They are today, however, much more common in these those with a more neat and clean design. Stairs in medium or light tones with integrated railings made in one piece.

Wooden spiral stairs


Metal becomes an essential material when we want to provide a space with an industrial touch. Both aged metal sheets as the metal grilles become great allies to shape railings with steps made well in metal or wood to achieve greater warmth.

Industrial Spiral Stairs


If we are looking for a minimalist and avant-garde style, the stairs should attract attention for their shapes and not so much for the use of materials and colors that stand out from the rest of the decoration. The stairs with white railings They camouflage on the wall are a great alternative. They are also those with a floating design, which provide a unique feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

Minimalist Spiral Stairs

Original and bold

Designs can be groundbreaking by their shapes, concept or color. If we want to turn the stairs into one of the most striking elements of our home, use a striking color It can be a good way to do it. Yellows, oranges and greens are, today, the most popular colors to do so.

Original Spiral Stairs

Color is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to turn a simple staircase into another that does not go unnoticed. However, much more interesting is use the design. Design stairs like some of those shown in the image above, could never go unnoticed either by the design of the railing or by the absence of it.

Spiral stairs can be designed in many ways, although you will probably have noticed that not all we have shared with you are spiral stairs. Some are helical stairs They cause the same impact as the first ones but they are safer since they generally have their own shape, much wider than the snail, which allows greater comfort in transit. To think about it.

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