Artis color washbasin by Villeroy & Boch

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Artis color washbasin by Villeroy & Boch

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<p style=From the hand of the designer Gesa Hansen, Villeroy & Boch brings us the new collection Artis color where the bold colors and classic shapes They are the protagonists of the bathroom.

A good design dispenses with the superfluous and,
however, it leaves room for the poetry of an object.

Gesa Hansen

The edition of the Artis washbasins is available in 4 shapes and in 15 colors inspired by nature, seasons and the Parisian lifestyle.

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<h3 style=Villeroy & Boch Artis washbasin - 4 shapes and 15 colors

The toilets are bicolor design available in Four shapes: round, oval, rectangular and square, and they are manufactured in a new material that Villeroy & Boch has developed for the high quality designs, the TitanCeram.

Gesa Hansen has used for its design a range of four colors: green, yellow, pink and blue in three shades each; as well as a neutral series in gray-black for the exterior color of the washbasin, combined with a bright white for the interior of the washbasin.

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<h3 style=Artis color - Spring

Washbasins based on green color They represent the fescor and the nature of spring. The tones used are: Mint, Sencha and Cedar.

More information serie Primavera

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<h3 style=Artis color - Summer

The yellow colors, with its tones Macaroon, Lemon and Mustard, they are a faithful reflection of the sun, the heat and the happiness of summer.

More information series Summer

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<h3 style=Artis color - Autumn

The colors of the leaves before falling are the inspiration for the Shades of pink, Powder, Ballet and Rose, selected for these toilets.

More information series Autumn

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<h3 style=Artis color - Winter

The toilets in the cozy Blue tones Fog, Frost and Ocean It will transform your bathroom into a place for calm and relaxation.

More information series Winter

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<h3 style=Artis color - Timeless

To adapt to any timeless design and modern is betting on the toilets in the Full Moon, French Linen and Coal Black tones that will give your bathroom a great elegance.

More information Timeless series

Villeroy & Boch is synonymous with family, quality and tradition. The design is very varied - timeless classic, contemporary and rustic.

Gesa Hansen

About the designer Gesa Hansen

Born in 1981 into a family of furniture designers and architects, Gesa Hansen's love for design came very early in his life. After graduating from the Bauhaus University of Weimar and the Nagoya University of Arts, Gesa Hansen worked for several design studios in Tokyo and Paris. In 2009 he followed the family tradition and created his own label, The Hansen Family, focused on handmade furniture influenced by Scandinavian design. Her first collection received numerous renowned design awards, and in 2015, Wallpaper magazine named her one of the 200 most important designers in the world.

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