Artistic wallpaper to completely transform the interior of your home

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Artistic wallpaper to completely transform the interior of your home

home wallpaper

In recent years, wallpaper or also known as wallpaper has become as popular as in ancient times. Wallpaper has many benefits to be taken into account in interior decoration. A home should always grant a sense of tranquility and comfort.

abstract wallpaper

You can create this feeling in many ways. But taking wallpaper into account is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give that touch to the home. When decorating a space, there are many elements and tools that help to add texture, color, patterns and depth to the room.

decoration wallpaper

A well decorated area is linked to all these elements, also creating a focal point. In the same way, there are different ways of working the walls. The wallpaper grants everything mentioned above to make a beautiful and striking change in the room. Another advantage is that it is one of the most economical ways to transform a space without having the need for so many other elements.

rustic wallpaper

Wallpaper benefits

Wallpaper offers many benefits, not only is the aesthetic appearance that visibly gives. But it also contributes to the durability of the walls. The wallpaper can add texture and depth. Creating a focal point, something that a simple layer of paint cannot achieve.

diffuse wallpaper

The vast majority of wallpapers are washable. This is something that many people think, that they cannot or that are very difficult to wash. But it is not so, some models can be cleaned with a sponge gently and others with greater resistance to cleaning.

bedroom wallpaper

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, wallpaper can be easily peeled off the wall and without any problem. At the time you want to replace, you will not give any work to remove it. Nor will it mistreat the walls of the room. In the past the patterns or prints of the wallpapers, which had textures and their colors and styles were very limited.

children's wallpaper

Today, wallpaper breaks this scheme. These grant new and beautiful styles, colors, textures and many details. Many people believe that wallpaper is very expensive. In the same way as the paintings, the wallpaper has different costs, which adapts to the budget of any person.

cubes wallpaper

But considering that the wallpaper has a much greater durability than the paint, in the long term you will save much more with the wallpaper. Recerda you should always consult with an expert when purchasing your wallpaper. Specify what type of wallpaper you want and in what area of ​​your home you want to place it.

wallpaper horses

Artistic wallpaper

This type of art and decoration are a trend today. The paper is made with images tailored to the wall that the user wants to decorate. These wallpapers are personalized and some are inspired by diverse murals. The images on the papers are perfectly designed on a large scale, guaranteeing high quality printing and realism.

awesome wallpaper

It is worth mentioning that artistic wallpapers are printed using state-of-the-art ecological technology. The themes or motives are really almost infinite. These range from classic motifs to true unique contemporary art.

geisha wallpaper

They work perfectly in rooms or spaces both large and small due to their different colors and styles. In ancient times, the wallpapers were mostly with floral motifs. At present these artistic wallpapers grant unusual motives.

texture wallpaper

These recreate abstract designs, realistic landscapes, 3D images, among many others. This type of wallpaper projects a lot of personality to the space. But other details should be taken into account so as not to compromise the decoration or comfort of the room.

custom wallpaper

Depending on the style and pattern of wallpaper, this will make the room visually enlarge or on the contrary, look smaller. For homes with low ceilings, it is best not to place a wallpaper with a large pattern. Since this will obviously visually reduce the size of the room more.

3D wallpaper

It is also not advisable to use a wallpaper with many details or small prints, if the room is full of details. Also, when small impressions are used, the mind is automatically distracted trying to detail and decipher every detail instead of relaxing.

landscape wallpaper

Larga duration and cleaning

The wallpaper is very durable and can be cleaned. It is designed to meet the needs of each person and each lifestyle. The wallpaper endures children's wear and also the conditions of heavy traffic in the area. According to an analysis that was carried out regarding the life cycle, it was established that they can last five times longer than the paint.

city ​​wallpaper

Most wallpapers have a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. Instead, a painted wall may splinter and crack over time. Thus causing a cleaning and touch up more often to make it look fresh again.

kitchen wallpaper

And depending on the traffic and the children or pets in your home, the walls will require painting every year. No doubt this is a much more complicated and tedious process than wallpapering the walls with wallpaper. And even better with the new installation technology, which does not damage or leave residue on the walls.

wallpaper design

When we mention that the wallpaper is washable, it means that it can be cleaned gently with a sponge or a damp cloth. Applying if you want, a normal and simple detergent solution to eliminate the dirt you may have. For this reason, wallpaper is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

ecological wallpaper

There are slightly stronger wallpapers, which can withstand being cleaned with a brush and specific detergent. Of course these are a little stronger, they are also much more durable. This type of wallpaper is much more recommended for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area.

vintage wallpaper

Perfect for hiding imperfections

There are times when your walls may be damaged, uneven, cracked or they may not be properly square. In these cases, wallpaper can be extremely useful for hiding these imperfections, which are much more noticeable with just the paint layer. With painting, you can animate a little the look of a room. But the wallpaper goes much further with its ability to mask those imperfections in the wall.

realistic wallpaper

Easy installation and removal of wallpaper

Many people, like the fear of not being able to clean the wallpaper. They are also concerned that the process of placing and removing wallpaper is extremely difficult and problematic. So they believe that by placing a wallpaper in their home, they can never remove it. Or if they risk removing it all the paste will remain on their walls.

city ​​wallpaper

Nowadays, the whole process really is very easy. With the technology developed and called "glue the wall" makes both the installation and the removal of ugly wallpaper much easier, as easy as painting. With these new wallpapers, they do not have to be soaked in water and placed on the wall while they are wet, as before.

modern wallpaper

These wallpapers stick directly to the wall and are made dry, which makes work easier. When you want to remove them to update them, it will only be enough to lift the corner a little and remove the strips one by one. No tools, no effort and no hassle. Obviously, what should be paid attention and care, is when placing it. Of course the pattern must match and not be crooked, not one corner higher than another.

natural wallpaper

Trend and style

Artistic wallpaper is trending, being taken into account by designers from all over the world. With new technologies and contemporary styles, they give the home an elegant and unique look. It can be found with any style to attract all people of different generations, and include in any space.

renaissance wallpaper

The wallpaper, without a doubt, can give warmth, texture and depth to any room that cannot be achieved just by painting the walls. Of course, wallpaper also provides the ability to show your personality and style. This due to the wide range of patterns, prints and colors available.

queen music wallpaper

Wallpaper with custom print

Due to the great advances, new and excellent digital inkjet printing technologies are currently used. Which employ inks cured with ultraviolet light for the creation of personalized wallpaper. The image, whether a photograph or a digital art, is moved to a blank wallpaper.

white horses wallpaper

These new wallpapers that are being developed since the beginning of this 21st century, have some other very prominent features. For example, some of these may block certain signals from mobile phones and Wi-Fi in areas that require much more privacy. This is because they are covered with a silver ink, which forms crystals that obstruct the signals that leave the room.

tiger wallpaper

3D artistic wallpaper

3D wallpaper is very recently in the market but it is very popular. Undoubtedly, these give a rather attractive and realistic appearance that radically changes the appearance of a room. It has no limits in terms of design, since images can be obtained in online stores.

wallpaper flowers

But you can also ask for the printing of any photo or sketch you want. You literally have no obstacle or limitations with the images you prefer for your room. Not only do you have the full capacity to get the image you want, but you can also choose the size of your preference.

wallpaper flore cubes

With this you can make sure that the image is neither too large nor too small for your wall. This type of 3D wallpaper is very easy to care for. Some have a vinyl layer that protects them much more from dust and dirt. And thanks to this special layer of vinyl can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a soft sponge, without fear of damage.

bridge wallpaper

They are incredibly wear resistant, thanks to that layer of vinyl. That not only protects it from dust and dirt. But it also protects it from mechanical damage on its surface. Like modern art wallpapers, they are very easy to install.

flashy wallpaper

Without having the need for any special glue or complicated rules. They also have long durability and contribute to the environment being made with state-of-the-art ecology technology. Because the wallpaper is a 3D print, it creates the feeling of spaciousness in the room. Making it appear that the room is part of the image and vice versa.

wallpaper depth

Some tips to choose wallpaper

If you already have a room decorated and want to incorporate it, it is important that the image you have chosen is perfectly integrated and combined with the style of the room. If on the contrary, you are starting from scratch with the design and decoration of the interior of your home.

marine wallpaper

The most advisable thing is that you first choose the wallpaper of your preference so that you then choose the paint color of the other walls. It depends on the room for which you want your wallpaper, it should be the reason for printing.

eagle wallpaper

That is, for example, a wallpaper with vibrant and very striking colors would not be good for a bedroom. But it would be ideal for a living room. For a bedroom you should preferably choose a wallpaper that is relaxing and warm. Many children love them the decoration in the walls with 3D wallpaper. As mayn to have images of sUs favorite cartoons or book characters.

child wallpaper

comics wallpaper

leopard wallpaper

spiderman wallpaper

minimalist wallpaper

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