Autumn decoration for interiors and gardens

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Autumn decoration for interiors and gardens

autumn decoration

The changing leaves that mark the end of summer inspire many to make some changes at home. While the warm weather might be reaching its peak now, it is never too early to wait for the most welcoming fall months. Today we want to propose some simple ideas of autumn decoration following the latest trends, you can not miss them.

Autumn decoration for interiors and gardens

At the beginning of the year, we identified that the interior design trends of 2019 will be governed by a turn towards maximalism. We predict bright colors and textures, but the exhibition halls at major design events have also shown interest in natural materials and retro design. These are the autumn decoration trends that you should keep in mind to turn your home into a palace.

Autumn decoration - Elegant 70's

Autumn decoration - Elegant 70's

Good news: the 70s are back. After a long break, rattan and wicker are now in fashion and we love the relaxed atmosphere they bring to a living space. Look for some folding screens, pampas plants, scented candles and antique carpets to complete a magical flowery children's habitat.

Interiors inspired by art

Interiors inspired by art

The art world is experiencing a growing interest in domestic environments rather than the gallery space. Get inspired to recreate your own home of bohemian art studio looking for the latest collaborations of artists and design.

The plants take over

The plants take over

The Economist recently reported an increase in sales of millenary plants. You just need a cursory look at Instagram to find a lot of urban youth excited about their monsteras and violins.

Autumn decoration with woven textures

Autumn decoration with woven textures

The art of knitting seems to be receiving attention again in the world of design. If you are a fan of Scandinavian design, then this is something you should try and experiment with, since woven textures are often used to bring softness to Nordic interiors.

Rich velvets

Rich velvets

Until recently, velvet had a bad reputation as an old-fashioned fabric reminiscent of the monotony of grandparents' living rooms. Feel like royalty and embrace this luxurious upholstery during the colder months.

Electric blue

Electric blue

This is a strong aspect that can be easily managed by combining it with a lighter color like millennial pink, as seen here, this prevents the peacock's tone from being overwhelming. Use a deeper blue shade for curtains and crockery to add depth and break the scheme with a touch of mustard and a large floral cushion or two. The dark wood angular table with black metal legs adds drama. Add some fresh flowers and foliage in a large vase to bring nature to your home.

Black furniture

Black furniture

Black accessories emerged as a trend last year, and a year later, they are getting into furniture, especially dining chairs. Keep the look warm with a cozy carpet placed on the back of the chairs and some dishes in pink tones.

Comfortable layers

Comfortable layers

With the nights approaching and the autumnal clock changing imminently, it's time to relax. This lovely country story begins with its warm autumnal palette of amber tones mixed with cozy mossy greens and blues. The prints look to the past bringing familiarity and charm, while the furniture is timeless and classic, especially when decorated with comforting textiles and accessories. One of the best ways to do this is to place your accessories in layers using many beautiful textures and warm shades of amber and navy blue. We love the idea that two or three carpets overlap each other as seen here, add a lovely decorative feeling to a room.

All neutral

All neutral

This is an aspect for those who do not like the color: it is elegant, sophisticated and so elegant. Use an outstanding lighting organically as a focal point and combine both the pendant and the table lamp for a consistent appearance. Use a mixture of oatmeal tones combined with rust for a cozy feeling and choose a pale wooden coffee table to complete the look.

Blue and green

Blue and green

This is a very beautiful autumn decoration trend and will take us through those dark and gloomy winter months. The two tones work so well together, you can use them as a wallpaper or invest in accessories such as a vase, cushions or blankets.

Everything is shine

Everything is shine

Shine with this trend of gold, brass or copper ornaments, which metallic finish do you prefer? Combine it with dining chairs with matching legs and bring the gold to the dishes to join the scheme. We love lilac vases on the marble table: look for unusual ways to add interest.

Royal Purple Tones

Royal Purple Tones

Purple is one of those colors and it will be a great shade for this season. Choose a key piece like this super elegant sofa and let it be the star of the show. Use gray and green forest to mark the appearance

Retro style graphics

Retro style graphics

One of the fastest, and most frequently, best ways to keep up with trends is to make small changes, such as updating your bedding and investing in some new pots and one or two runs, without redecorating. ! With a retro look that is still popular, this graphic bedding with clean lines and geometric shapes is inspired by the Bauhaus movement. It is bold, beautiful and modern.

Study "of the old teacher"

Study "of the old teacher"

One of Crown Paint's trends for fall / winter is the ‘pigment’, inspired by the great study of the old master where the color is reduced to particles and pigments, and of course the pigment was the basis of the paintings decades ago. Returning to now, this aspect is about texture, particularly creating the look of luxury velvets and reflective metals to create a "sumptuous and safe place." Experiment with colors, mix in metallic form and play with layers and textures, treat your walls like a canvas!

From designing a garden that allows you to be more conscious, to growing your own food, we predict that gardening trends in 2019 are strongly leaning towards creating a space that brings you health, happiness and relaxation.

Low maintenance autumn decoration

modern terrace

More disorder equals more stress is a saying that is not limited to the interior, so a scruffy garden can leave homeowners overwhelmed. Given the busy world we live in, gardeners will look for ways to simplify their gardens in 2019.

It mainly includes perennials that will return every year and group them according to your irrigation needs. For plant suggestions, talk to an expert gardener in your community, attend a tour of the local gardens to get ideas.

Invest in an irrigation system that can do the job while you are away.

Do your research when selecting rigid exhaust materials. Choose quality stones that do not require repair after a short period of time or pavers that do not need to be cleaned constantly. Contain gravel roads with sturdy edges.

Create a point of stay

chill style zone

Gardeners are looking for more ways to enjoy a stay in the comfort of your own backyard.

Here is some inspiration:

Set up a weatherproof speaker system to enjoy music while you're outside.

Destination spaces of the site, for example, a fire function or a comfortable lounge chair, in a place that will attract people outside but not so far as to forget about it.

A small place of retreat

ideas decorate terrace

A small retreat inside a larger garden can feel like a getaway. Creating a quiet space to relax, read or meditate will become increasingly popular as mindfulness and finding ways to decompress becomes a priority for people. If you love a space inspired by a spa to rejuvenate and pamper yourself after a long day, the garden is an excellent place for it.

Autumn decoration boho chic style

boho terrace

Yes, a well-designed front yard adds appeal, but most importantly, it creates a feeling of joy every time you return home. Homeowners have been finding creative ways to create a stunning fall decoration, and we can't imagine them stopping soon.

Here are some autumn decorating ideas to try on your terrace or front yard:

Add seasonal containers

Include scented plants along a driveway

Install lighting to make the trip to the front door dramatic and easy to navigate

Incorporate flowering plants that complement the color of your entrance door.

Put plants in cracks and between stones inside the walkways to add interest

Include seasonal elements in your autumn decoration

textures fabrics

Samples that are not traditionally used in arrangements, for example, sticks, leaves, dried seed heads, fruits, etc., have become increasingly popular in the world of floral design, and you probably already have something unique that It really reflects the fall season in your home.

garden furniture

Not only will you create something beautiful, but we believe that going out and looking at your plants with fresh eyes is a refreshing quest that is good for the soul. If possible, we suggest bringing a small child for this activity. They are often quite skilled at finding beauty in the unexpected!

Include food

original chairs

Although growing food is not a new trend at all, it seems that now more than ever consumers have a personal interest in knowing where their food comes from and how it is grown. And the ability to grow your own food is not limited to people with acres of land. Gardeners are discovering that they can grow a surprising amount of food in a limited space.

beautiful decoration

If you are looking to try your hand at growing food but don't think it has space, consider:

Add a pot on the front or back porch to start

Research ornamental groceries that you can incorporate into your current planting design

Hanging planters on the eave of your house or in front of the kitchen window

Homeowners are increasingly aware of the fact that their gardens have the potential to be much more than a beautiful plot of land. There are many ways to give back to your garden, both to the land and to the community.

The best ways to give back with your garden:

See how you can make your garden a certified wildlife habitat to benefit wildlife and inspire your neighbors to do the same.

Donate your excess of fresh produce to your local food bank or share with your neighbors to foster a sense of community.

Use natural ways to get rid of weeds and control garden pests such as larvae and Japanese beetles.

It includes plants that attract pollinators such as butterflies.

Design your garden with wildlife in mind

Grow all kinds of indoor plants

dining table

Gardeners continue to find creative ways to bring green indoors, especially in the middle of winter or if they live in urban settings. When it comes to indoor plants, the critical aspects of the crop (lighting, pests, care and more) are paramount, but you'll also want to make sure they look fantastic.

Make the most of your indoor plants by showing them in several ways:

Grow larger plants in pots on the floor

Grow plants dragged on a tall shelf, a shelf or a tall piece of furniture

Grow plants that fight toxins as part of a living wall in your room

Invest in durable furniture

wood furniture

There are many outdoor furniture available, and unfortunately many of us have discovered that some of them are… well… cheap. After discovering that you really get what you pay for when it comes to garden furniture, we anticipate a continuous shift towards investment in quality weather-resistant parts that will last and can be transmitted. There is nothing like a classic iron bench next to a rose garden or a sturdy sunbed with fading resistant fabric that you can count on year after year.

If your garden furniture needs an update, here are some suggestions:

Find a craftsman who builds functional but sophisticated furniture that stands the test of time.

If you are the DIY type, why not build a garden furniture? You will create a relic that generations can enjoy.

Buy furniture from a specialized retailer instead of large stores.

Make sure the furniture is comfortable and visually attractive

More autumn decorating ideas

green tones

living room furniture

living room

leather sofas

autumn fabrics

interior design

modern colors

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