Baby shower ornaments

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Baby shower ornaments


The arrival of a baby in a family is such an extraordinary event that it deserves to be specially celebrated. That's why the baby shower was invented.

What is a baby shower or baby shower?

For those who are not familiar with this concept, here is a brief summary.

The baby shower is a feast of the American tradition totally dedicated to the fetus. Very often it is organized by a relative of the mother during the last trimester of pregnancy (not before for those who are superstitious). It can be a surprise party and an event that even future parents are not aware of or a celebration previously prepared with their help. This is a party generally reserved for women, but the reality is changing and since it is not a religious tradition, each one is free to adapt it to their needs!

How to organize and ornaments for baby girl shower?


The organizer (a relative of the mother or the mother herself) is free to plan the party according to her wishes. For example, you can organize the baby shower as a snack, so as not to tire the future mother too much. Therefore, each guest can be asked to bring their own culinary specialty or refreshments can be ordered at a catering service. In this way, the baby shower looks like a lunch or a garden party ... There is no precise rule, the purpose is to please the mother. In this way, you can offer yourself a moment of pampering during which you can share your little anxieties and relax with the closest people.

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<p style=For the menu, sweets are generally preferred, but be careful with the excesses and always respect the recommendations related to pregnancy. Fruit cakes, chocolate or cute cupcakes in the colors of the chosen theme are essential elements for this type of party.

Yes, all baby showers are based on a particular topic. Finally, this is the long-awaited opportunity to recover some beautiful decorative elements to use in the baby's room! If the mother already knows the sex of her future child, she could opt for blue or green for a boy and choose coral or pink for a girl. If, on the other hand, the future mother is part of the group of those who do not want to know in advance the sex of the baby or keep it secret, yellow may be a good option.


How to organize and ornaments for baby girl shower?

To organize baby shower you also need:

A guest list
Personalized invitations (pink in case of a girl and blue for a boy)
Decorations and themed decorations (colors depend on personal taste)
List of things you need to receive the correct gifts from the guests
snacks and / or a themed cake

First, the future mother, or who organizes the party for her, must decide who to invite, with whom to share this unique moment. Therefore, you should make a guest list that generally includes the closest friends and future grandmothers. Co-workers should not be excluded, obviously if with them the birthday girl has an excellent relationship.

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<p style=As for the baby shower ornaments. With a little inspiration there are endless possibilities! Let your creativity guide and inspire you with our original photos in which you will see ideas create a dream party.

The basic color for decoration is almost always pink or blue, but with our ideas we break the rules and invite you to see how you can add many more colors to your decoration. You can take advantage of these ideas by customizing them in the most varied ways.

baby shower ornaments-options

In general, a large table is prepared for cakes, sweets, snacks and drinks: the candy table.

For the preparation of a baby shower, ornaments should delight in their delicacy and fantasy. Find dishes of the theme colors and different sizes, glasses, bowls and tray for sweets, as well as for the decoration of the room. In addition to the pom poms, there are also pennants, flashlights and festoons. Also choose romantic cutlery and, if desired, you can also find tablecloths and glasses of different sizes.

How to organize and ornaments for baby girl shower?

girl-celebrated-home baby shower ornaments

You can also organize small creative workshops to encourage the baby shower. The most daring can try the art of body painting in the belly of the future mother. However, ideas such as making a mobile for the baby's room or preparing a specific questionnaire about babies are absolutely acceptable! Attention, it is recommended not to organize games and activities in which the future mother cannot participate. Another original idea is to offer guests a photo of them when they were babies. The objective of the game is to discover who is who. Finally, if the future mother loves to sing, the lullabies in karaoke version can be a valid alternative to consider!

How to organize and ornaments for baby girl shower?

baby shower ornaments

Start buying all the decorations, cutlery and plastic plates, any gifts to leave the guests, etc. After deciding the issue. Choose the menu according to your tastes and the time of the party: snack food, a brunch, a tea with cookies, a snack, etc. It is better to prefer dishes that can be prepared first and then stored in the refrigerator or freezer. If you are pregnant and are organizing your party, it is not recommended that you spend hours on the stove. It is better to ask for help from the most willing and qualified guests to cook and share the task, as long as you do not decide to opt for a catering service.

How to organize and ornaments for baby girl shower?

blue-blue baby shower ornaments

How to dress for a baby shower

There is no real fashion in baby shower clothes. Just think that the party will surely be immortalized by videos and photos, so ask yourself how you want to appear and be remembered. During these types of parties, guests are usually dressed in the colors of the decoration theme.

baby shower ornaments-cream-colors

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baby shower-bow-bow

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