Balcony decoration ideas to make that space a little oasis

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Decor : Balcony decoration ideas to make that space a little oasis

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There is certainly nothing better than a balcony to enjoy and relax from the routine. Most apartments have small balconies, so there are plenty of decorating ideas. But although they do not have so much space, in the same way with a good and adequate decoration of balconies, you can get a unique and cozy space.

small balcony decorating ideas

A well thought out balcony decoration can transform those spaces into urban oases. You can perfectly transform your balcony for a reading place as it could also be a meeting space. Actually there are endless balcony decorating ideas, which are not that complicated. And either way they could be used for both a small and a large balcony.

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So if you have a balcony, pay some attention to it and change it into a special place to hang out and relax. Well, for the decoration of balconies, you can choose any style of decoration and design. However, you should take into account some decorating ideas and recommendations to transform that space either outdoors or indoors.

eye-catching decorating ideas

An important starting point is the materials for the furniture you are going to choose. Depending on the materials you choose and what you need, you will make the difference between having a balcony with furniture made a mess to a balcony with durable furniture.

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Materials such as resin wicker, wrought iron, teak and plastic can be very useful in most balconies to withstand the different changes that nature can offer. Similarly, the size of the furniture is also important to take into account.

Furniture appropriate for the space you have

blue texture decoration ideas

It would not be appropriate to overwhelm a small balcony with an oversized sofa. Or place a giant pot that occupies the traffic of your balcony. Remember that balcony decoration has a lot to do with creativity as well.

rustic decoration ideas

Of course, you can take into account decorating ideas and recommendations and even seek help from experts in the field. But sometimes something ingenious and out of the ordinary works perfectly for many people. To transform your balcony, large or small, you could add tiles, rugs, artificial grass.

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You could decorate with lights, flower pots and you could even have that space to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner or informal with your friends. Like the furniture, there are other elements that you should also take into account. Which will help you highlight your balcony. One of these elements is plants.

simple decorating ideas

Having vegetation, however little it is, definitely increases the attractiveness of any space. A little vegetation can make you feel in contact with nature and relax a little more. Of course you must take into account the type of plants you need. There are many plants which can be both indoors and outdoors.

outdoor plant decoration ideas

But we recommend that you get advice first before adding the vegetation on your balcony. Flowers like geraniums and begonias, hardy plants like bamboo and fresh herbs, thrive very well on a garden balcony. There are many plants which are for a certain space. So just keep in mind which area you will be placing them in and the amount of light they will receive.

Incorporates elements for some privacy

privacy decorating ideas

The point of privacy is also important, perhaps for some people more than others. If you live in an area where the balconies are close together or you have a balcony that is very open and visible to everyone, privacy can be difficult.

balcony decorating ideas

But luckily, there are plenty of decorating ideas you can use to isolate yourself a bit from the view of your neighbors and have your personal space. Well, tall plants, vines, and shrubs are great quick fixes.

romantic balcony decoration ideas

You could also buy privacy screens made of any material, from metal to bamboo. Depending on how big your balcony is, you can build your own screen trellis and cover it with climbing plants.

wall decoration ideas

Something you might also want to consider are weather resistant textiles and fabric rugs. They are good to close the space a little. And at the same time add some shade, which may be necessary. Now, once you have all the right elements, putting together the perfect balcony puzzle for you is so much easier than you might think.

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Of course, in combination with the little tips that we are giving you, you can also be inspired by the different balcony decoration ideas that you see in the images. You could even combine various elements and make your balcony the space you need to move away and relax.

Vertical garden balcony decorating ideas

vertical garden decoration ideas

There really is no problem with having a small space. You can still customize your space. Then use the plants to create a vertical garden instead of placing the pots on the floor. Nesting tables and hanging flower pots are also perfect for space saving and decorating.

Minimalist balcony decorating ideas

simple decorating ideas

Balconies are often considered a mini escape which can easily provide you with a place that gives you peace and quiet. The decoration of balconies does not necessarily have to be lush or use many elements. A simple balcony can meet your needs. Depending on the tastes of each person, a balcony may or may not have plants or different textures. The great thing about decorations is that, although sometimes you have to take into account some decoration ideas, you can also create the space just the way you want.

Balcony decoration ideas highlighting the floor

decoration ideas floors balconies

The black and white tile floor is not just a sight to be seen by anyone. But you can also have many options to play with the rest of the decoration and combine it with the floor in a striking and elegant way.

Add different textures to your balcony decoration

textured decorating ideas

You don’t really have to limit yourself when using fabrics to decorate your balcony. You can put different textures to make your balcony a little more cozy. Of course you should make sure that the material you are going to choose is durable. Depending on whether your balcony is open or closed, you should think about the type of fabric since you do not want them to be damaged by rain or sun.

Add joy on your balcony with various colors

decorating ideas add color

A beautiful and colorful combination in the style of eclectic decoration makes a small balcony a truly striking, welcoming and cheerful space. The image above shows how perfectly the vegetation, colors and wood combine with different textures. The lighting with hanging bulbs gives a very different and unique touch to this decoration in general. But in the same way it will make anyone feel that they are in a magical place.

Plants are always an excellent choice for decoration

garden balcony decoration ideas

Obviously your balcony can be a nice reflection and an extension of your interior decoration style and also of your personality. The simple yet amazing combination of brightly colored potted plants and the white stones around it is very striking and subtle. Plants always give a feeling of calm.

Decorate your balcony with furniture that fits the space

furniture decoration ideas

If you have the typical balcony with a concrete floor and off you can fortunately change that boring floor with interlocking roof tiles. They are easy to install by just putting the pieces together and also very easy to remove. In the image you can also see the small storage bench. But although small, it is ideal to seat two people. The small table found there is foldable. This is fantastic, since you can use it and when not, you can pick it up to give more space.

Use bamboo screen for a little more privacy

bamboo screen decoration ideas

This is one of the balcony decoration ideas to make them a little more private and not be in sight of all the neighbors. You can use a bamboo screen or depending on your budget or time you can make a trellis with vines.

Simple but cozy outdoor balcony

sturdy furniture decorating ideas

Nice furniture resistant to outdoor with diverse textures that makes them look comfortable and welcoming. An outdoor rug with a vibrant pattern than it covers part dfloor. A wicker sofa and sturdy coffee table sets They provide the comfort of the interior outdoors.

Balcony decorating ideas with accent wall

flower pot wall decor ideas

A flower pot wall sets the tone for this beautiful balcony. String lights add a touch very festive but at the same time intimate. HThere is a wooden paddle style sofa with weather resistant cushions. The rustic floor poufs made of straw grant additional seats. An outdoor mat gives something from softity underfoot while you cover yourself with a blanket.

A small urban oasis

urban oasis decorating ideas

This small balcony has an Acapulco style chair that not only looks great but is also comfortable and its use works outdoors. It also has a small table that folds up when not needed. A washable cotton mat, which gives some softness for bare feet. Several different pots filled with natural vegetation and flowers, which add fabulous appeal.

Balcony decoration with simple pallet furniture

decorating ideas palettes

This image is not a perfect example that you do not need a spectacular view or a huge space to have a cozy space. A wooden pallet sofa with padded outdoor cushions changed the space into a cozy gathering place. A string of paper lantern-style string lights gives it a little life at night. A fake plant washable cotton mat for people who don’t want to mess around. And to give it an extra touch, an outdoor umbrella to protect from the sun’s rays and the wind.

Durable outdoor furniture

wood decorating ideas

If you live in a small apartment or house, you may not have room to save or store balcony furniture during the fall and winter months. Fortunately, some types of outdoor furniture can stay outside year-round. Teak, cedar or redwood furniture are very resistant since they are sealed waterproof, improving their resistance to weathering and preventing aging of the wood. Synthetic wicker furniture is usually made from weather resistant polypropylene, which is a type of plastic that resists humidity and extreme temperatures.

An ingenious bar table on the balcony to share

bar decorating ideas

Another spectacular example for when there is not enough room for a table. A bar fitted to the railings of your small balcony can be quite useful and personalize your decoration. A bar can work perfectly both to place your drinks and to share a casual dinner outdoors.

Add adequate lighting

lighting decoration ideas

Don’t just think of candles for lighting, although these are always perfect for setting the romantic stage. But the rope lights also give off a magical glow and no cool breeze can turn them off. You could even collaborate with the planet by choosing lights that are powered by sunlight. There are many designs and styles, from small solar tea lights to hanging globe lamps. The lighting with lanterns are also great and give an original touch to any decoration.

Hang a hammock and have a delicious nap on your balcony

decorating ideas hammocks balcony

When it comes to taking a nap in the summer, nothing can be better than sleeping in a hammock. They are soft, light and best of all, they provide a delicate movement that helps you relax your body.

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