Balinese decoration – What is it about and how to bring this style to your home

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Decor : Balinese decoration – What is it about and how to bring this style to your home

Balinese decoration, it has become a way to bring Bali home. Bali, a province and island of Indonesia, is in one of the touristic destinations most popular in the world. Bali it is situated at the western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands between Java and Lumbak, west of the former and east of the latter. Of all the islands in Indonesia, Bali has the most complex culture that is thousands of years old. The sophisticated and diverse art and culture of Bali, including its ethnic paintings, handicrafts, woodwork and carvings, sculptures and textiles, make it an attraction for tourists. Bali represents a harmony in culture, art, religion and people.

balinese home decor

Balinese decoration

This décor offers a wide variety of furniture, exotic crafts, eye-catching paintings, beautiful pottery, wood carving and sculpture, metal artwork, and baskets. A Bali home has a large number of decorative elements. So it preserves its culture and art, and gives the world a new perspective on ethnic decoration. The Balinese style incorporates the outdoors like no other style of interior decoration. Bali is a place of wild vegetation, tropical foliage, and rich flora. This vitality is balanced by the calming but elegant impact of pieces also made from nature: woods, bamboos and very earthy ceramics. And the magic that ties it all together is a sense of spirituality that comes in part from keeping your choice in design and craftsmanship organic.

balinese decoration natural elements

How to decorate your home with Balinese style

Think holistically when you first incorporate Balinese style into your home. This means that there is not much spontaneity, and that is the key to balance. The Balinese style never feels too busy and it always feels otherworldly. Even when indulging in a mosaic of ideas and pieces designed all together. Let the color in through the accessories, framed art, cushions, rugs and beautiful blankets in soft wool and lush cotton. As well as natural elements, such as large, leafy plants and tropical flowers, whether live or designer. Incorporate solid, shiny elements with gold and brass vases and sculptures. We will explain to you the different ways you can apply to achieve this Balinese interior design look.

balinese bedroom decor

Introduce nature

The Balinese style is all about the beauty of nature. Adding some green to your room will definitely never fail. You may consider adding potted plants, natural baskets, natural fiber rugs, planters made from different types of materials, wood or bamboo furniture, upholstery, artwork, stools, cushions, and many more. Balinese interior style is about relaxing the mind. Adding some decorations like wall hangings or table accessories is a great idea to complete your Balinese interior style. It is not only aesthetic with the elegant appearance. But it will also calm your mind after stressful activities. Paintings, natural tapestries, small statues are great options to have.

balinese dining room decor

Less color is better

Color is the key to the Balinese style. Unlike the maximalist interior style where we can apply saturated colors, in the Balinese style the less color means the more beautiful your space will be. Light and airy spaces can be achieved with white or navy blue walls and linen curtains. While the more ornate rooms can showcase silky curtains, ethnic pillows, and potted palms in elegant pots.

balinese decoration large living room

A lot of light

Light plays an important role in the elegance and drama of your Balinese interior. Chandeliers, candles, string lights, lanterns and many more light sources. Don’t be afraid to combine them all. Of course you can mix and match your favorite light sources. However, natural fiber and rattan pendant lamps work best for your interior with Balinese décor. They are not only made of natural material that will be more suitable for this interior design and will not harm the environment. But also this source of light is undoubtedly beautiful and will give you a calm and exotic environment at the same time.

balinese decoration natural light

Choose wooden pieces for the Balinese style

Solid woods like teak are perfect for Balinese furniture and sculptures. From sofa beds to glamorous coffee tables and stools, they can double as works of art, placed on an outdoor patio or in the corner of a sun-filled living room. It is also not necessary to combine the tones and types of wood. Sun-drenched dark woods blend beautifully in the mosaic style with age-darkened pines or lacquer.

balinese decoration decorative accessories

Use bamboo and cane

Use these materials everywhere. These materials are sisters, cousins ​​and lovers of the Balinese style. They are structural and decorative. Insert a neat and obvious panel of lacquered bamboo poles into a granulated concrete exterior wall. Or plant bamboo as a wildflower along the entire wall for texture and filling. Enjoy cane kitchen and sundeck furniture and embrace it in accessories, from vases to artwork frames.

balinese decoration natural materials

Balinese decoration is spreading more and more

The traditional Balinese textile It is famous throughout the world, although its textile variants are used as clothing. But today, home decor has been inspired by a Balinese textile pattern like cushions, sheets, tablecloths, and wall decorations, especially Ikat or batik patterns. Next, we will indicate some of the decoration elements in which Bali is famous. Balinese wood carvings include wood paneling carved with flowers, ancient masks and statues, various wood sculptures and carved symbols.

modern balinese bathroom decor

It is worth mentioning that some traditional wood carvings and sculptures range from the female form to the animal and abstract forms. Of course, Balinese wood furniture also adds variety and texture to interior décor. Stone carving, where volcanic rocks are carved into garden statues, wall decorations, religious statues, fountains for outdoor or indoor decorations with a spiritual tone, are also an essential part of Balinese decoration. Likewise, ceramic decorations are also part of the decorations with this style.

cozy interior balinese decor

Certainly, paintings on canvas, carved in wood and stone, or on ceramic items, which depict traditional Balinese life and modern designs, are other elements used in Balinese-inspired interior decorations. The modern interior is infused with balinese decoration, giving it a natural, simple, rustic, matte and earthy feel by incorporating wood, stone and bamboo. All of this makes the space seem open and airy. Therefore, Balinese style decorations in your home or office, they make your space beautiful.

Balinese interior home decor

Beautiful decoration with Balinese style

simple interior balinese decor

Decoration with accessories with Balinese style in the interior of the home

Balinese interior home decor

Simple Balinese decoration with natural materials

Balinese decor dark wood

Large open living room illuminated with natural materials

balinese decoration materials

Outdoor decoration with minimalist Balinese style

modern balinese decor exterior

Balinese decor for modern bathrooms

balinese decor for bathrooms

Beautiful bedroom surrounded by nature

balinese decor for bedroom

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