Balloons – Ideas for birthday decoration and any event

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Balloons - Ideas for birthday decoration and any event

image balloons

You may think that balloons or bombs, as it is known in some countries, is a relatively modern invention, but it is not so. These have been present for centuries, but over time they have undergone many changes to know them as we see them today.

Rain of balloons extremely stylish and elegant

rain balloons

The first latex balloons were manufactured in 1847 in London, but their production is mass entered into force in the year 1930.

Beautiful and subtle birthday decoration in the garden

beautiful balloons

Forever, the balloons have possessed that strange faculty of provoking smiles and surprises in each of the people regardless of how old we are, the balloons are synonyms for joy, love and even innocence that emerges the child we all carry inside despite age.

An original truly unique crown of balloons

crown balloons

With them you can express gratitude, love, good wishes and friendship. Until a few decades ago, the balloons were only round, then the elongated balloons began to appear where magicians very quickly began to convert the elongated balloons into large animals.

Numbers with colorful balloons in the form of flowers

numerous balloons

This skill of twisting and making figures with balloons, is believed to have started around the year 1920, but became more popular after the Second World War. Undoubtedly the origin of the balloons opened the big door to a new art.

Decoration adorning the entrance to the celebration

facade balloons

Actually this proposal for decorations turns out to be quite economical, which adapts to any budget whatever the celebration. To make a decoration with balloons you only need desire and a little imagination and creativity.

All figures that can be created with balloons to entertain and surprise

long balloons

With this, you will certainly have no limits when decorating for a party or meeting. In your favor there is a variety of colors, styles and shapes that you can choose depending on your desire. Here are some tips that you can take into account and they will be very useful when decorating for the event you want.

Balloons are never lacking in any celebration and so it will be

marriage balloons

Tips for decorating with balloons

With the decoration we can undoubtedly create a pleasant and perfect environment for any event. You must really take into account many things and details to obtain the ideal environment for all your guests. but what I do assure you is that these elements as colorful and full of joy as the balloons will never be missing.

Design of a spectacular arch to welcome the great celebration

bow balloons

Balloons are one of the most used decorations, due to its simplicity, economy and its stunning effect full of colors. Balloons are never missing at any reunion or birthday party, wedding, baby showers or Christmas festivities.

Decoration including nature

color balloons

Well, first you must think about the color you want to choose to decorate your party or meeting. There are balloons of all colors, also knowing what theme you want for the celebration of the event, will help you with the colors you need.

Rainbow decoration with clouds

sky balloons

For example, if you want to place a rainbow in your decoration, you will need red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet balloons. Or maybe you want to use the same color but in different shades.

decoration with rainbow and colored streamers to match

rainbow balloons

There are two main types of balloons to decorate. Mylar type balloons, which are bright and airtight, which is why the gas does not escape so easily. This type of balloon lasts a little longer floating, about two weeks.

Mylar type balloons with pokemon themed motif

mylar balloons

Those of latex that are made with a fairly flexible material, such as liquid rubber. Its surface is somewhat porous, because of this, when we inflate a balloon, we see that some time later it is deflating.

Decoration of the entire wall with excellent and original color scheme

balloons walls

The porous surface escapes the air, but they are much more versatile and easy to work. They come in many designs and colors. Something you should take into account is the space you want to decorate.

Rural decoration to share the special event healthily

natural balloons

If the space is large and does not have much decoration, then you will need more elements. Latex balloons are a bit easier to handle. Remember that they can easily explode, and even more if there is the presence of children, so, we recommend that you not only buy the right thing. Anticipate any inconvenience.

Very simple themed decoration

figure balloons

It depends on your budget and desire, you can choose between inflating the balloons with helium, without helium or a mixture of both options. Although it is your decision, we recommend that you opt for the helium option or the mixture between them.

Variation of different colors and sizes including beautiful bouquets

elegant balloons

Although with helium you can have many more possibilities and loose reins to creativity for the decoration of your event. For this you can go to any party store to collaborate with the mission of inflating the balloons or you can buy your own helium kit for home.

Delicate combination of warm colors and flowers

delicate balloons

Take into account that when you buy your helium kit, you can use it to inflate many balloons for parties or later meetings. Analyze how you could place and hang the balloons. Whether you have used helium or not, there are many ways to make balloons float.

Light to further brighten the night celebration

illuminated balloons

For example, with helium balloons you can join with each other using some rope or thread and put adhesive tape to stick them on the floor forming a kind of wall or wall. With the bombs without helium we can stick them on the wall simulating bubbles.

Red and pale pink color combination

simple balloons

Another idea could be to take a rope or serpentine and tie it to the globe and on the other side of the rope or serpentine place a coin or basin and stick it to the ceiling. This way you will see the bomb without helium falling.

Splendid decoration with balloons on the ceiling

ceiling balloons

Try to make some shapes with the balloons, take advantage of the colors and the power of the balloons to decorate and attract attention. You could put together a beautiful balloon arch. It really is easy, since helium and strings do most of the work.

Decoration with balloon flowers at the entrance of the house

front balloons

You also have the option of forming flowers, four globes of the same color and a balloon of another color that will give the impression of the center, this is an equally simple way and so that the unions that you made can not be seen you can use fishing line, It is easy to get and very economical.

Strawberry and flower themed decoration

flowers balloons

There is something that is not missing in the celebrations as well as the balloons, and these are the garlands. It's super simple, you just have to take the balloons, a needle with the thick eye and a cord. Where we thread the needle with the rope we choose and join the balloons around the knot.

Decoration with lights

balloons lights

You could also give a different touch to the balloons, decorating them. Only using glue and some shine can you give it a different and original look.

Simple decoration in green with balloons, garlands and butterflies

patio balloons

You can also decorate them with permanent markers. Something that is not very common but if original is that if you make your celebration outdoors and have your drinks in a bucket you could take smaller balloons, fill them with water and freeze.

Simple but elegant decoration

center balloons

They will give that decorative touch and at the same time keep your drinks cold. In the same way you can illuminate your bombs by introducing light bars on them and dazzling your nightly celebration.

Centerpieces combining the two types of balloons

magic balloons

Other of the many options that you have at hand and all that you could invent, is to place the balloons floating in the chairs with the names of your guests indicating where they can sit or so that they know that at the end of the celebration they can take their balloon custom home.

Flashy centerpieces

table balloons

Another idea which is extremely simple, striking and even elegant is to make a rain of balloons. With transparent elements and inflating them of different sizes, then you tie them between the largest and the smallest and then hang them from the ceiling, making as many rows as you can to really create the sensation of rain.

Very simple decoration in pastel blue

helium balloons

You always have the option to incorporate nature, with the union of balloons forming any figure you want, be it the bow or the flowers you can add palms or bamboo and give that exotic and natural touch so different.

Decoration combining balloons with nature

palms balloons

You can create columns or pillars of bombs, letting your imagination fly. With linear or long balloons, you can also join them in the shape of a hedgehog and stick it to the ceiling. And since we are with the decoration of the ceiling that is more striking than this covered with colored balloons.

Decoration emitting joy

lifting balloons

The entire roof covered with balloons inflated with helium creates a magical and cozy atmosphere for everyone. With the balloons on the roof you could also take advantage and tie a ribbon where you drop photos of the important person of the celebration. In the same way if you can cover your ceiling with colored balloons, why not cover your walls with them?

Delicate decoration with pastel colors

subtle balloons

You could use the balloons as a centerpiece, also using different colors and sizes if you wish. You must take into account the colors of the dishes for decoration so that everything is in harmony. Also give it an even more fun touch, filling the balloons before inflating them with confetti.

Table centerpiece decoration

colorful balloons

This is a surprise factor. As soon as one of them explodes, a shower of colored confetti comes out, making everyone happy. If you love ice cream cones, I'll give you some tips. You could take a few small balloons of various colors and inflate them. Then paste them in cones made of paper and place them on your wall or tie them on the chairs.

Decoration combining latex and mylar balloons

combination balloons

Simply tender and very sweet. And following this line you can keep in mind the garlands with fried balloons. Undoubtedly appetizing. If you have felt that you over you can cut it in a circle. And decorate like a donut and then paste it on the balloons.

Colorful decoration with rainbow

cute balloons

If you live in a house you could also easily take advantage and decorate the entrance. You can tie the balloons in the mail box, on the posts or in the bushes. If on the contrary, you are decorating a space outside your home, such as a park, do not hesitate to decorate the trees and swings.

Beautiful themed decoration by Mario Bros

mariob balloons

As well as balloons, garlands are a very versatile element that is also widely used in the decorations of any event. These can be done in many ways and colors. Apart from that this is an excellent activity. Since you can share with the little ones to integrate them into teamwork.

Birthday decoration for boy with different shades of blue

child balloons

Curious fact

Did you know that birthday celebrations were considered pagan holidays? According to the ancient pagans said there were evil spirits. Which watched on very important dates such as one more year of life.

medical balloons

These ancient Greeks thought that each person had a spirit that watched and helped them at the time of their birth. And for them, that spirit had a connection with a God who was born on whose anniversary the person was born.

balloons flowers butterflies

According to, the candles on the cakes correspond to a communication of evil spirits with the gods. What the light represents in the dark. Tradition that began in the year 1700.

pastel balloons

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