Basics to make your new home a temple of well-being

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Have an orderly house, the right temperature and a clean smell It is essential to make our home a temple of well-being.

Much of our time is spent in our home, not only is it our personal space and our refuge, but, for some time, due to the pandemic, to many has also become their workspace.

Therefore, it is very important that our home is that place where we always want to be, where we are comfortable and where we feel that peace of mind and a feeling of calm and well-being we need to continue facing our days.

Walking through the door and sighing in relief as soon as you enter, feeling “at home”, feeling at ease, all this is synonymous with “home”. If you don’t feel it, keep reading, because in this post we tell you how to get that feeling of calm when entering your home.

Home Sweet Home

So that our house looks healthy and sweet, we must take into account some factors such as decoration, cleanliness, order, a space free of toxic and harmful elements.

Sometimes we do not realize that our home does not correspond to what our mind and body ask for. Because, it is important to pay attention to the signals it sends ussuch as headaches or muscle aches, extreme tiredness, insomnia problems, or trouble relaxing.

They are symptoms that do not allow us to feel good and that can be avoided by making some changes at home that we will explain below.

Tips for getting a wellness home

1. Keep order and cleanliness

Sometimes we keep pots, clothes, papers, toys … that we will never use again and that occupy an unnecessary place in our house. Therefore, the first thing we must do is get rid of everything that is left over.

Many people follow the principles of Feng Shui, the art of organizing spaces so that they positively influence people.

The accumulation of objects, lack of cleanliness and clutter They are the complete opposite of what this Chinese philosophy says.

Try to have at home Just the things you need, order them and assign them a place. Do not forget to put it in place every time you use them. That includes clothing, cosmetics, books, etc.

One of the most important keys to cleanliness and order is keep a space free of dust and mitesTo do this, vacuum it every day. Thanks to taking care of the environment, we can achieve a feeling of balance and calm that can help us improve our mood.

2. Maintain a proper decoration

Both the decoration and the organization must bring harmony to our home. To find the balance it is best to have a decoration with materials that come directly from nature such as wood, marble or stone. Choosing neutral colors and using decorative elements such as plants also brings us well-being.

Having good natural lighting also gives us good energyThat is why it is advisable to leave the blinds open throughout the day and have the windows very clean so that the sun’s rays can pass through the windows and delight us with its light.

Nevertheless, the best thing is to have the help of experts in reforms and design that guide you and facilitate all the work. A clear example of this is Geteco, a comprehensive renovation company that has a team of great professionals and they are a great reference as interior designers in Valencia.

3. Create a space that invites you to sleep well

Surely at times you have not been able to fall asleep, or have had problems sleeping. So that this does not happen, it is very It is important to create an environment in our bedroom that invites us to relax and rest quietly.

Avoid having electronic devices in the bedroom, like the television and maintain a continuous cleaning both in the space and with the bedding.

Turn off mobile devices, light a candle, read, meditate or spend some time in silence, are some of the rituals that usually work before going to sleep to have a more pleasant rest.

Both in summer and winter it is advisable to maintain the right temperature in our bedroom to better sleep.

4. Harness the power of smells

It has always been said that scents have enormous power over our mood.. What’s more, aromatherapy is mainly based on the relationship of scents and emotions.

Why is the smell so powerful? Our strongest memories are linked to smells, and smell is the sense most connected to our memories.. Therefore, it is important to ventilate the house, and have good general hygiene so that the house smells clean and you.

Make use of air fresheners and scented candles to give it that personal touch that will make our house transmit calm and well-being, but also cleanliness.

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