Bathroom decoration with vintage style

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Bathroom decoration with vintage style

Vintage bathroom

The vintage style takes a lot Due to several reasons. One of them is that it is a style that is a trend right now. Another reason is that with vintage pieces we can reuse old furniture and give them a new life, something that is good for the environment. In addition, antique furniture has its history and great charm.

We tell you how decorate a bathroom with vintage style. This style can also be perfectly reflected in a bathroom if we want a vintage house completely. There are many pieces and ideas that can be included in these types of environments, so we show you inspiration for your bathroom.

The vintage bathtub

If there is an element that we cannot miss in our vintage-style bathroom, it is undoubtedly the bathtub. Vintage bathtubs are a great element that brings the special touch to your bathroom. Obviously, it is always much more functional to have a walk-in shower, but it is true that bathtubs have their charm. We see some inconveniences, as we need more space than is required for a shower, but the truth is that the aesthetics that give our bathroom is unmistakable. If you have more than one bathroom, you can afford to use one of these bathtubs in one of them.

The vintage style floor

Hydraulic floor

There are several ways to add a vintage floor. The tile is almost always recommended although it is also possible to include wood. But in this case we recommend some ideas that are an absolute trend right now. We refer above all to the hydraulic tile that mimics those of old floors, with patterns that are very striking. If you find them too colorful, there are also them in a single tone, as in gray colors, which are much more elegant and discreet but with the same vintage charm. Also the bicolor black and white tiles can be a good idea that does not go out of style.

The most elegant faucet

There is another touch that can be ideal for our bathroom to acquire those vintage airs that we like so much. Us we refer to the bathroom faucet. This faucet can be of a marked vintage style, with tones like copper. Of course it is almost imperative to put it in the old bathtub, but it is also perfect for the sink.

A vintage piece of furniture as a sink

The sink is another point of interest of the bathroom. That is why this furniture must combine well with the rest of the room. In this case we refer to the typical vintage washbasins. We can do several things. On the one hand it is possible to buy a sink that is vintage, standing and with a retro style. On the other hand, we can take a antique furniture like a dresser and turn it into the washbasin cabinet, something that is very original. In addition, wooden furniture can be easily painted to suit the spaces.

Subway tiles


The tiles on the walls are usually common, so you have to choose ones that have a style that matches the bathroom. In this case we have the nice subway tiles, which are a pure white color. They help bring a lot of light to the spaces and we also create a vintage but very modern style.

Antique bathroom mirrors

Vintage mirror

If you want to add the final touch to your bathroom, you can't miss the beautiful vintage mirrors. There are many who imitate this touch and usually have a metallic edge and tones such as copper or gold. They are beautiful mirrors that will accompany that vintage sink with a perfect style.

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