Bathroom furniture – Ideas that combine different styles

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Bathroom furniture - Ideas that combine different styles

bathroom furniture

The bathroom furniture They are also one of the options to consider. Because dressing this room in the house can be the simplest, but for that, we need to find the perfect ideas, and today we are going to give you. Whether you want a more contemporary or minimalist decoration, here you have them for all tastes.

The first thing we usually look for in a bathroom is to have some space in the form of storage. Since, as we well know, we are always surrounded by various hygiene products every day. After that, we can already think about the style we want for this stay and start renovating it.

Double washbasin cabinet with drawers

It can fit perfectly in all modern bathrooms. Since we have a large piece of furniture in brown tones and when opening it leaves us a large space to store everything you need. They are two quite large drawers, which will not take up too much space in your bathroom, since they have a horizontal breadth. In this way, we will have a simple piece of furniture, without handles but that provides us with a more than perfect storage system. It can be perfectly combined with the most current and simple bathrooms.

chest of drawers

Washbasins suspended but with space

It is also another option among bathroom furniture. Another perfect idea for a small bathroom, where space is not too much. Since the suspended furniture They give the effect of not loading the area too much, so it will have the optical effect that there is more space. But although they usually have a smaller size, it is not always the case. Storage will also be one of its great virtues in its large drawers.

suspended furniture

Bathroom furniture, wall-mounted auxiliaries

Because not only of a sink we will have enough space. Therefore, it is always good to think about other alternative options. For example, the narrow column-like furniture They are placed around the sinks. Don't you think it's a good idea? It is, because for smaller spaces it is always a great help. They are anchored to the wall, so they do not occupy. Inside there will always be more holes available and also, they can be combined with various decorative styles, since there are different finishes.

furniture anchored to the wall

Minimalist ideas

As we know, in this case we talk about those ideas that are really simpler and do not require so much furniture for bathrooms or so much storage. It can also be quite practical, but always with the minimum details. Therefore, when we talk about minimalist finish, usually appears a simple sink without furniture, or with an open one divided into shelves. You can always bet on some other furniture anchored to the wall with a hole to be able to do everything necessary in it, or a shelves and shelves.

minimalist decoration

Shelves for bathrooms

We just mentioned them and we couldn't leave them behind. When we have no space or want a little more as an extra, nothing like betting on the shelves. Because in this case, when going on the wall there won't be space problems. About W.C. or in some columns and near the toilets there may be some areas where it will be more frequent to see them. Both the towels and some hygiene products will be the ones that will accompany them.

The mirror also with storage

It is true that the mirrors that go on washing usually come alone and as the main protagonists. But there are also options where they appear with some shelves or, with an integrated furniture. This makes it another of the great essentials to be able to finish the bathroom decor. In addition the styles you have can go from rustic to the most original and modern finishes.

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