Bathroom styles at Ikea

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Decor : Bathroom styles at Ikea

Bathroom styles

The bathroom styles they can be totally different, depending on our home and our taste, too. Therefore, if we do not want to spend more than necessary, nothing like opting for the solutions that Ikea presents. Different options but all of them of the most amazing and current.

Furniture anchored to the wall or wider and with varied colors to complete one of the most important rooms in our house. Therefore, we have to give it the character and style that it needs or that we need. Do you want to enjoy Ikea ideas?

Large storage bathrooms

The larger bathrooms We should not overload them either, but it is true that they can have more spacious furniture and that is something that we love, because we will have everything well collected. Ikea bathroom styles are spectacular and very creative as in this case. Combining horizontal with vertical shapes, we will get a better finish.

Large storage bathrooms

To continue giving it that stylish, simple and very natural touch, nothing like betting on simple furniture that has smooth lines and without any type of addition in the form of decorative details. Since then we will take care of ourselves to bet on plants, rugs or baskets to finish a modern and stylish bathroom, as we like it.

An open bathroom with natural style


We don’t always want to have the closed furniture, hiding everything we keep inside. Sometimes when decorating we also think about spaciousness and the simplest lines. So we find ideas as special as this one. In it, you will no longer have to choose that furniture that is combined, because the wood will really combine with each and every one of your corners. The cabinet under the sink will be very simple, with several shelves for creams or for folded towels. While you can combine it with a wider tower for other accessories. Do you like a style like that?

A double bathroom, taking advantage of space

Large bathrooms

We love to see this double bathroom style! Something that seemed only taken from hotels or movies, it can also be in our home. Because for this you do not need to have a bathroom that is too spacious. Since Ikea furniture is the perfect size to fit. Two sinks with two independent mirrors and that have simple and open wooden shelves. Isn’t that a great idea?

Small but colorful bathrooms

Bathrooms in color

When we find ourselves with a fairly small room, we do not have to give up light and colors. The best we can do is bet on combine white and some other tone that you like. Green and its derivatives will always leave us feeling fresh, just like the blue ones. Bet on furniture anchored to the wall, simple and narrow, which allows you to combine them with shelves, leaving the room more complete. We will also give the mirror more light, to continue betting on clarity in a place like this. As you know, the brighter and lighter colors it has, the wider it will look.

Simple bathroom with enclosed furniture

Simple bathroom Ikea

Of course, if you prefer a simple finish but with those more classic brushstrokes, the bathroom styles at Ikea will also be on your side. In this case, they have closed furniture, but anchored to the wall. What brings a broader air to the room and with more room in general. Storage is important, so we already know that both the base cabinet and the mirror allow you to store everything you need for your day-to-day care. Which of these bathroom styles do you prefer?

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