Beautiful and original Christmas trees 2021

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christmas trees 2020

Christmas is the time of year when we spend the most time decorating the house and, without a doubt, the prominence always goes to the Christmas tree.

christmas trees 2020

Some have the tradition of assembling it with the ornaments of a lifetime, pieces even inherited by several generations; others are motivated by renovating some pieces and the most daring intend to change their appearance every year.

Whether natural or artificial, inside or outside the house, huge or very small, Christmas trees represent and convey the joy of the holidays.

Whatever your tradition, here you will find many ideas so that this year you have the most beautiful tree of all.

Real Pines with Real Snow

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where it snows in December and you can have a beautiful natural pine tree, you have everything to enjoy a beautiful white Christmas.

A few balls or bows will be enough to decorate it, because the real charm is the naturalness of the landscape that many have to artificially recreate and that you have for free. Seize it!

01 outdoor natural christmas tree

Natural Inside the House

I love natural pines for their deep green color and their leafiness. But what I like the most is the aroma that surrounds the whole house. For me, THAT is the smell of Christmas.

So if you can go out and buy (or cut) one, don’t hesitate. In this case, also less is more. Almost naked and with few ornaments they will show off all their beauty.

02 christmas tree ALMOST NAKED03 Christmas tree ALMOST NAKED04 Christmas tree ALMOST NAKED

White Christmas

And if you decorate it with white, you will not only recreate the exterior landscape, but you will be super fashionable.


In Pastel Tones

The trees filled with snow and decorated in pastel colors are delicate and very elegant. The transparent balls that I showed you in a recent post work very well in this type of tree. You can also combine them with gold to give it more luminosity and glamor.

08 christmas tree WHITE AND PASTEL09 christmas tree WHITE AND PASTEL10 WHITE AND PASTEL christmas tree

Potted for Entrance

Beautiful and very cheerful option for the entrance of the house. In this case the pots are the protagonists.

You can use simple pots and paint them or add fabric ribbons or appliques in ceramic, wood or Papiermâché That you can take out after the holidays are over and let the pines continue to grow until next Christmas.

11 Christmas trees in pots2 Christmas trees in pots

More Options for the Exterior

Sometimes we want Christmas to be present in our gardens and entrances, but we don’t always have a natural pine tree to decorate.

In this case, I propose creative and inexpensive ideas that will give the Christmas touch to the exterior of your house, such as these trees made of wooden slats, painted and adorned with lights.

13 tree for OUTDOOR WOODS

Or this one made with a green garland and some lights to decorate the back wall of the house or garage.

14 tree for OUTDOOR

Blue like the sky

Who said that red and green are the only colors that represent Christmas? I will tell you that, on the contrary, they are used less and less in the decoration of the tree.

White, silver and gold always accompany, but I want to show you these blue Christmas trees that break with the traditional and look very beautiful.

15 BLUE christmas tree16 BLUE christmas tree17 BLUE christmas tree

Gold Plated Trees

Gold is sober, elegant and they say it attracts money, so if you want to have a lot next year, bathe your next tree in gold.

18 GOLDEN christmas tree19 golden christmas tree

And if you are undecided with the color …

20 RAINBOW Christmas tree21 Christmas tree MULTICOLOR22 Christmas tree MULTICOLOR AND LOTS OF LIGHT

Rustic Trees

They look great in wooden houses or with rustic decoration. Use burlap garlands (hemp or jute) and balls of virgin materials.

23 RUSTIC christmas tree24 burlap garlands

With Much Sweetness

Candy and gingerbread cookies are a Christmas classic that doesn’t just have to be on the table. Bring the sweetness of Christmas to your tree too; It will be very cheerful and provocative.

25 Sweet Christmas Tree26 SWEET christmas tree

Full of light

Christmas trees are not complete without lights. I particularly like the white ones a lot because they highlight the ornaments and give a very cozy light to the rest of the house.

Use as many as you want, and if you want to enhance the effect, place some also at the base of the tree and cover them lightly with white tulle or cellophane paper.

27 Christmas tree with lots of light

Fill it with your Passion

If your weakness is flowers, you can also put them on your tree. There are many artificial flowers on the market equal to the natural ones that will be beautiful. But even better if you make them with your own hands. In this post you will find many good ideas.

28 Christmas tree with flowers

If you like sailing, let your tree reflect your hobby …

29 NAUTICAL christmas tree

And if what you like is drinking… well… why not? Don’t throw away the bottles and build a beer tree.

30 Christmas tree with bottles

We’re Getting Creative …

To get out of the well-worn tree and break the mold, you won’t believe what you’re about to see next.

31 CREATIVE christmas tree32 CREATIVE christmas tree

Do you only have balls and nothing else? No problem. Simply place them on a base and hang them from the ceiling with transparent nylon threads.

33 Christmas tree with hanging balls

And what do you think of this tree made with cardboard? Inexpensive, easy to do, and very, very creative. If you put colored lights on it, it will give this impressive multicolored effect.

34 cardboard christmas tree

And since we are talking about cardboard … maybe it is not the cutest, but what I want to show you is that you can make a Christmas tree with practically anything you have on hand … this time, with recycled and painted egg boxes and capsules of coffee instead of balls …

35 christmas tree with egg boxes

… Or a mini tree with wine bottle corks. Let your creativity fly!

36 christmas tree with CORKS

With Little Budget

The decorated branches are beautiful. When you go out to do your daily walk, be vigilant and start collecting as many branches, twigs or twigs that come your way.

37 christmas tree with logs38 christmas tree with branches39 christmas tree with branches40 Christmas tree with LITTLE BUDGET

With Little Space

If the problem is not the silver, the motive or the color to choose, but where to put the tree! I show you that that is not a problem either.

41 christmas tree in CORNER42 christmas tree blackboard and chalk

For the Chiquitos of the House

Christmas is for children. They are the ones who enjoy the most, not only opening gifts but also participating in the decoration of the house.

43 snowman tree

What better idea if your favorite characters are also present?

44 christmas tree superheroes45 Frozen Christmas tree46 Star Wars Christmas Tree

Go ahead and do something different next Christmas.

You saw that it is not complicated and that the possibilities have no limits. Enjoy the Christmas magic by contemplating and enjoying your beautiful creation.

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