Beautiful Antique French Kitchen Designs

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For those of us who are looking to find in our kitchen a special place that transmits warmth, a subtle rustic informal air and comfort, the french kitchens they will be perfect to incorporate them into our decoration. Inspired by the French countryside and vineyards, this style, with bold antique details, evokes country life and nature.


Below we present various designs where various colors stand out that illuminate and brighten up the environment, achieving a good balance. Some flashes of intense yellow reproducing the hue of the sunflower or the red of the color of the rooster’s crest, neutral and creamy colors are some of the colors used in French cuisine.


The details for the furniture They are made of thick wood in light neutral tones such as cream, vanilla or pale yellow are frequently found in the decoration. We also see large wrought iron latches or handles.


The countertops they are generally made of granite, marble or any other stone material evoking the rustic and subtle elegance. A Island kitchen, similar to a large wooden work table in a color that harmonizes with the current decoration of the French kitchen is also a good option.


To to illuminate the ambience, wrought iron wall lamps or a central chandelier over the kitchen island are commonly seen in old French kitchens.


The decorative accessories as ornaments or pictures of roosters, sunflowers, fruits, pictures of French landscapes that represent the life of the country are widely used. As well as vintage containers, curtains and tablecloths with plaid or paisley patterns, hanging copper pans, The utensils and tableware of the kitchen are usually in sight.





These were some ideas and designs to give an old French touch to our kitchen and bring that warmth of home that many of us look for to share with the family.

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