Bedroom decoration thanks to H&M Home and these ideas

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Decor : Bedroom decoration thanks to H&M Home and these ideas

Cotton duvet cover

In the bedroom decor We also need some practical, simple and fresh ideas. Therefore, there are some stores like H&M Home that always bring us closer to all of them and more. Now with the arrival of good weather, we are going to discover perfect ideas for you.

Both for the bed and for the decoration around us, H&M Home It always allows us to enjoy ideas that fit our personal tastes. More than anything because they tend to be simple and natural ideas, without recharging each room and that is one of the main points. Discover all the others!

Duvet covers from H&M Home

Although it sounds a little ‘warm’, it is true that we also need them in our lives. Especially our room will scream for them and it is not surprising. East type of covers They have a very soft touch, but not only in touch, but the decoration of the bedroom that will leave us will also be very special. In soft tones so that you can always combine them with the other tones of the environment. Although it is true that in this of the colors, H&M Home gives us the opportunity to choose and we love the choices. Well, choose a gray, light brown or darker, pink or beige powder cover. Shades that you will not miss. Which is your favorite?

More pillows in bedroom decoration, more comfort

H&M Home pillowcases

We know it and we love it! For this reason, stores like H&M Home also offer us the possibility of filling our bed with pillow cases that will become basic and essential elements. As we well know, when dressing each of the beds in our house, there is nothing like helping them with ideas that are practical. So much so that we need several, of different sizes and sometimes even colors or prints. But that yes, that between them can be combined well. Hence, in this case, we bring you these ideas made with fine thread and cotton calico. Of course, you can choose between dark gray, white or blue.

Natural bedrooms as accessories

natural style bedroom hm home

The best of all these ideas is the freshness with which they are shown to us. It is true that when the summer season comes, we need something like this in our lives. The decoration of the bedroom is always one in which we put all our best taste on the table. Because it is a room that needs that calm and peace to be able to start a restful sleep or rest. Therefore, everything well organized and using simple and natural materials gives us the Nordic or minimalist finish that we like so much. Take advantage of cabinets and shelves to fill up with wicker baskets or boxes, which are always combined with wood and white.

Storage baskets

storage baskets

Of course, there can be many and very varied ideas in this field. But we are left with some in particular that we have loved and are the ones that we see in the images. A basket with rattan, wood and fiber finishes. It has a width of 35 centimeters and a depth of 31. Which makes it perfect to place inside the wardrobe and fill it with those little details or accessories that are sometimes left loose by the drawers. You can choose between brown and black to combine it.

Jute rugs for bedroom decoration

jute rug

The rugs They are another of the accessories that also go along with the rest of the decoration. But without in this case we are talking about a natural finish, it could not be other than those that had jute among its materials. You can find it with openwork designs or, this type of idea that we leave you in the image above, in gray or natural white. Again H&M Home is listed as one of the best ideas for decorating your bedroom.

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