Bedroom decoration – The new colors that set the trend

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Bedroom decoration - The new colors that set the trend

gray bedroom colors

The new year arrives and with it also new trends. But in this case we are not going to talk about the textile that is always the one that best clothes us in terms of decoration. But we present the new colors for the bedroom decor facing 2020. Trends are treading strong!

Because colors are also outlined as it is fashion or trend that our house will wear. Without a doubt, we can always choose the ones that best match our decoration. Although if you are thinking of adding a new air to your home, nothing like looking for those shades with which you will always be right.

The stick pink

One of the colors for bedroom decoration is stick pink. A very elegant, simple tone that brings a touch of light to any type of room. So if we talk about the bedroom it will give us a warmer atmosphere, so that the body feels more relaxed, which never hurts. Nor should we relegate this color only to youth bedrooms, but for marriage rooms it is also a good idea. What colors do I combine it with? Well, both gray and mustard tones will be perfect for such a place.

bedroom colors

Bedroom decoration in navy blue

Yes, we are facing a dark color, it is true. That is why you have to try to use it in a correct way. If you want it for the walls, then remember that if you have a large room, you can apply it to the central wall where the headboard area goes. But if you have one quite small room, it is always better that this tone goes into the details, so as not to recharge the stay much. In the same way, you can combine it with the white color for a marine finish that instills peace and tranquility.

Light blue

Of course, if you are still committed or determined that your rooms have a blue color, in different shades, then bet on the sky blue. Without a doubt, the luminosity will be present in your rooms. It is again a fairly clear tone that is always perfect to be combined with white or sand and beige tones. If you want a more modern finish and have a well-lit room, you can also add the odd element or detail in black.

orange color in bedrooms

Combination of gray tones

What do gray colors have that are so elegant? Without a doubt, they are perfect when we talk about the decoration of bedrooms. Because in this case they can also accompany the walls in a pearly color. While for textiles, nothing like doing that combination of different shades, from the lightest to the darkest. Without forgetting to introduce something white between them. A bedside table in black or some decorative element in this basic color will also be of great help.

Yellow for an acid touch in the bedroom

The most acidic touch will be given to the bedrooms that have the yellow color on its walls or in your basic furniture. It is true that the citrus touch is found in the lemon yellow that we all know. But we can never forget the mustard tone. Since it is also another ideal for a new bedroom decoration in 2020 that is coming. In both cases both white and gray will be other colors that will stand out in a cozy and perfect environment for our rest.

bedroom decoration


It is another one of the classics and of those that will continue to be seen during the next year. A new touch of acidity but in this case we can find it in several aspects. More alive as the fruit or somewhat more muted. We have two options to choose the one that best suits our tastes and our interiors.

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