Belbex the solution for rent and sale of offices, premises, warehouses and floors in Madrid

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Belbex the solution for rent and sale of offices, premises, warehouses and floors in Madrid

The interest in various types of real estate in important Spanish cities such as Madrid has experienced impressive growth in recent years, especially for the many companies that focus on it in order to settle in the capital. To carry out this task and begin to develop its activity it is necessary to find the most suitable building for it, where the needs and conditions are appropriate.

What is Belbex?

Leader of the real estate portals sector in Spain since its creation, Belbex is a portal specialized in the rental and sale of offices, warehouses, premises and land in the city of Madrid and its surroundings. The properties that are part of the extensive search catalog are mostly based in neighborhoods, districts and towns throughout the province offering options for all types of search criteria for people or companies with real estate needs. It is, in short, a search tool designed to put owners and agents in contact with buyers and tenants interested in spaces that fit their available requirements.

Since 2015, Belbex is part of the US multinational CoStar Group, world leader in information and real estate marketing which focuses its interests in offices, warehouses, premises and land distributed throughout the cities of the world. However, its main markets are located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain, receiving around 50 million monthly visits in its portals. This integration has given Belbex an even greater momentum, making it the reference number 1 as far as searches of spaces of professional use are concerned.

This is possible thanks to its advanced technology and tools, which allow us to offer detailed and verified information of excellent quality of each and every one of the properties with which they work. An easy and fast way for those interested in a property advertised on the portal to find the most suitable space for their business activity. It also provides greater positioning, credibility, relevance and notoriety for each of its advertisers since the information contained in each of the ads is verified verified and updated regularly by the ad team.

How the Belbex specialized platform works

Thanks to the technology used they are able to offer companies or people interested in the rental and purchase of ships or any other type of workspaces real, updated and verified information. To keep this up to date and contain all the relevant data, a detailed description is added in each of the published announcements, to which high-resolution photos are incorporated. This is achieved by establishing a direct relationship with the space marketer or advertiser throughout the life of the ad on Through these advertisements, it is intended that buyers and tenants find the space that best suits them at all times easily and quickly.

This new methodology and the technology they have developed allows to obtain the best results and prevents duplicate ads or offer spaces that are no longer available. Thus, a guarantee seal is obtained for the advertiser and the portal user. The main intention is to create high quality ads to give them maximum visibility and achieve the goal. With all these data, from the web itself it is possible to apply filters for a better result, being able to choose the type of property, the price of the rent and sale, the desired size or surface, the distribution and the characteristics of the space.

The perfect option to rent and sell real estate

Belbex has become the ideal option to find availabilities that adapt to the needs of each client and that range from offices, coworking and professional offices, warehouses and commercial premises or floors. Thanks to its integration with the Costar Group, this portal has expanded its reach to reach figures of visits on the web that range around 50,000 per month. In addition, they work with all types of companies, which allows them to have a wide range of properties (currently more than 20,000) at very different prices and in areas of Madrid as prominent as Las Rozas, Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Leganés or Getafe. Fillet plate without value or meaning.

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