Benefits of having good thermal insulation on our façade

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Decor : Benefits of having good thermal insulation on our façade

In recent years, a lot has been said about buildings and their thermal insulation problem, a problem that makes buildings energy inefficient speaking. Fortunately, more and more resources are being devoted to improving this situation, not only in new works, but also in renovating old buildings and houses. When it comes to improving this insulation, there are certain elements that are very important such as windows, doors or the impact of huge thermal bridges, but it is also important to focus on thermal insulation for facades to considerably improve comfort inside the home.

How to distinguish the best thermal insulation for exterior?

facade insulation

When choosing thermal insulation for house facades, it is important to make the right choice since not all systems offer the same results. For this reason, when choosing it is important to make sure that it meets the following benefits:

Resistance to the passage of heat and cold

With this feature, what is sought in achieving a more stable temperature and pleasant inside our home.

Resistance to the passage of water vapor

This is a very important thing to keep in mind since if the material in question allows moisture in the air coming into contact with the cold surface will form condensation, which in the end can lead to moisture and mold problems, something that can affect people’s health.

Fire resistance

In addition to thermally insulating, what you have to look for is that the material acts as fire bar.

Acoustic isolation

Although the main objective is thermal insulation, the best thermal insulator must also possess noise dampening properties and contribute to a general improvement of the insulation of the house.

Benefits of thermal insulation of facades

Let us know below some of the most important benefits that having a good thermal insulation of the home facade offers us.

Decrease in energy consumption in the home

One of the most important benefits is undoubtedly the energy saving of the home, which will lead to a economic savings. Thanks to these important savings, the investment made in insulating the facade can be amortized in a few years.

Improvement of the thermal comfort of the home

Thanks to the thermal insulation of the facade, it is possible to enjoy a pleasant temperature throughout the year. You will not have to struggle with excess heat during the summer months, and neither with the cold of winter. Your home will enjoy a pleasant thermal sensation. In addition, thanks to this, we will eliminate the effect known as “cold wall”, a situation that causes discomfort in our body as the surfaces have different temperatures.

Reduction of the risk of condensation, mold and fungus

Our health, and that of all those who live inside the home, will also be positively affected. As the house is better insulated, it will prevent condensation inside the home, which will prevent the growth of fungi and molds that are responsible for many respiratory problems.

The useful surface of the house is maintained

This is one of the great advantages in energy renovations since the living space inside the house is not reduced. If that insulation were done inside the building, a few very valuable centimeters would be lost.

Minimal inconvenience to users during installation

There are systems that offer a very simple system of placement, which reduces the inconvenience for tenants. It is the case of thermostone, which are panels with which to cover the facades and which have insulating properties. The whole process is carried out from the outside, so it is not necessary to enter the interior of the house.

Economic revaluation of the property

Finally, we must highlight the significant revaluation that the property will have as it has significant thermal comfort, improvement of the exterior appearance of the facade and an improvement in the energy efficiency certificate.

For all that we have seen throughout our publication, it is of great importance to pay attention to improving the thermal insulation of our facade. In the long run you will achieve significant financial savings.

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