Bet on suspended furniture to decorate the toilet

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Decor : Bet on suspended furniture to decorate the toilet

Suspended furniture

The toilets are small rooms with space for a sink, toilet and on some occasions, another toilet. Quite a decorative challenge in which our goal should be to achieve a visually ordered space without giving up basic storage needs.

Suspended furniture they are a success in this type of space. Visually lightweight they help create a false sense of spaciousness. Why? Because they do not represent any obstacle when viewing the ground as a continuous surface.

Advantages of suspended furniture

Are you designing a toilet from scratch? Do you want to get more out of a small bathroom by redecorating it? Suspended furniture represents a success in both cases. Its lightness It is the main reason to bet on them, however these furniture offer us other advantages that we should not ignore in any design.

Suspended furniture for the toilet

  • Are visually lighter than those who lean on the ground.
  • Present more balanced and beautiful proportions to decorate small spaces.
  • May settle at different heights according to your needs.
  • They allow a better cleaning bathroom. Its design will avoid that there are nooks that are difficult to access and clean.
  • They help create a modern atmosphere.

Suspended washbasin cabinets

The type of furniture you choose to furnish the toilet will depend on both the space available and its practical and aesthetic needs. The compact furniture with drawers and integrated washbasin are the ones that offer a greater storage space and therefore the ideal option for those bathrooms where it is difficult to integrate other storage solutions.

Suspended washbasin cabinets

Modular solutions are very interesting, since they offer you a lot of freedom to play with cabinets, drawers and shelves, thus adapting to your storage needs. Do you have very little space? If so, bet on a surface and a countertop washbasin with bars or open storage solutions underneath that allow you to hang towels and organize essential hygiene products.

Whatever type of furniture you choose, current trends invite you to create contrasts between the furniture and the worktop or the worktop and the sink. If you look at different decoration editorials you will find proposals as interesting as the ones we show you that risk with color or combine elements of different materials such as a wooden or concrete countertop with a stone sink.

Suspended toilets

Compared to conventional toilets, the wall-hung ones offer more elegant proportions in terms of design. You should know, however, that there are some “drawbacks” that can make you opt for the more traditional option. Its installation is more complex and its cost significantly higher.

Suspended toilet

The suspended toilet cistern It is generally hidden in the wall, which will force you to carry out works at home. The finest cisterns do not occupy less than 8 cm. a fact that we must take into account and that may force you to modify the partitions. So you won’t have to worry about breakdowns; all mechanisms liable to breakdown are accessible from the download button.

How to create a bathroom with suspended furniture

The ideal thing when you want to decorate a toilet or a small bathroom is to bet on suspended furniture in combination with shiny materials that reflect light and light colors that illuminate and visually expand the room. However, it will also be important to add an attention-grabbing design element to these.

Very small toilets

A design element will help create a more attractive space. What do we mean when we talk about a design element? It can be a hydraulic floor that contrasts with the sobriety of the walls and furniture. We can also achieve this through the walls, painting or covering the main wall with materials that add interest to it. Or more simply playing with eye-catching accessories.

It is not easy to decorate spaces as small as a toilet, but suspended furniture is a great ally to succeed.

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