BIM Manager, a key professional figure for the company

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Decor : BIM Manager, a key professional figure for the company

In the world of architecture it is a field that evolves very quickly. In recent years, a new figure has appeared that has become fundamental for any company in the sector. We are referring to the BIM Manager, of a professional profile whose demand continues to grow over time. Despite the importance of this figure, there are still many who do not know what it is about and what it can offer the company. For this reason, throughout our post today, we will focus on this key figure to achieve the success of any project.

What is a BIM Manager?

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When we talk about a BIM Manager, we are referring to a professional in the construction sector who is in charge of managing the entire building process by using the BIM methodology. A process that ranges from the first sketches to the end of the work.

His main role is to implement the BIM system within the working group, coordinating all the teams involved in the development to ensure that all the stipulated standards are met from the beginning of the project to its end. It is important to note that their roles could vary depending on the company.

We can see the figure of the BIM Manager as an «administrator», but not in the traditional sense, but rather a role that seeks to make the most of technology, people, processes and all the policies that support this new way of working. All with the aim of delivering the best possible results.

What kind of skills does a BIM Manager need?

To be a good BIM Manager, it is important to consider a number of skills. Among the most important that we can highlight are:

  • Be a leader. It must be a person capable of leading the project, managing the resources associated with it.
  • Have the right knowledge. You must be able to work collaboratively, understanding the BIM methodology, since not all jobs are the same.
  • Have experience. It is essential that the person in charge of the project has performed engineering and architectural work to understand the procedures and steps to be followed in the project to be carried out.
  • Be decisive. In the event of any inconvenience, you must be able to act quickly and concisely to solve it effectively.
  • To be organized. It is important that the BIM Manager figure knows everything about the project. Only in this way will you know how to act in each situation.
  • Proactive figure. You must be alert to react quickly and effectively when needed. In this way they can take the project in the right direction.

How to become a BIM Manager

To become a good BIM Manager, it is important to have the right knowledge to do so. In this sense, good training is key and for this, postgraduate courses and Master in BIM Manager They will help you to get all the necessary knowledge to occupy this position in any company.

For all that we have mentioned, the BIM Manager has become a very important figure in the architecture sector. Having good training can help you open a multitude of doors in the world of work.

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