Black Friday in the bathroom shops

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Decor : Black Friday in the bathroom shops

Many people are waiting for the arrival of Black Friday to buy those things they need at a lower price. It is a day with a long roots in the United States, but that little by little has been spreading to the rest of the world and to all sectors, both physical stores and online stores. Sectors as varied as fashion, electronics and even the sector of the sale of furniture for the bathroom, where one can find significant discounts on all types of furniture, toilets and other elements that are part of any bathroom.

Bathroom furniture stores and Black Friday

As we have already mentioned, Black Friday has more and more followers, so it is not surprising that businesses want to take advantage of “Black Friday” to improve their sales. The bathroom furniture stores were not going to be less and they have not hesitated to launch interesting promotions to attract the attention of potential buyers. This is the case of the Ibaños online store that has wanted to offer something different from the rest of the shops, extending Black Friday throughout the month of November in what they have called their Black november.

With this initiative, what they seek is to offer their customers offers for many more days, and not only during the 24 hours that Black Friday lasts. For this occasion, they have prepared products with offers up to 50% discount, which represents a significant saving for those people who need a bathroom furniture or who want to renew the one they have installed in their home. In this link that we leave you,, you can see a wide catalog of this type of furniture ideal for all types of bathrooms.

Design products available to users

Although many may think that the only Black Friday deals are discontinued products, the reality is quite different. You just have to take a look at the Ibaños website to realize that this is not the case and that it is possible to find trendy and innovative products at a lower price. Let’s see some examples that Ibaños offer us.

Elik R circular countertop washbasin

Those who bet on minimalist design in their bathroom, the Elik R circular washbasin is the perfect option. Is about a designer washbasin that is placed on the countertop. Offers smooth lines and a small faucet ledge. Also noteworthy is its glossy porcelain finish. All this makes it a unique piece for any bathroom.

Freestanding bathtubs

After a hard day at work, there is nothing like coming home and taking a relaxing bath where you can put aside your daily stress. For this, there is nothing like doing it inside a freestanding bathtub, those bathtubs that do not rest on the wall. Ibaños offers a wide range of this type of bathtubs and with discounts that reach up to 50%. Both acrylic and resin bathtubs that offer a design and elegance finish, ideal for all types of bathrooms.

But these are just a few examples. In its portal you can find many other products at really surprising prices.

So now you know, if you are thinking of buying some furniture for your bathroom, be attentive to Black Friday because you will surely find incredible offers.

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