Blinds and sheets of sun protection

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Blinds and sheets of sun protection

sun protection sheet sun protection screen

Lately we have appreciated a trend in the design and construction of buildings with curtain wall to make the most of sunlight. But one of the disadvantages is the heat that the crystals allow to pass and the increase in temperature that it causes with the consequent triggering of the consumption of electrical energy. There are several options to reduce heat, special crystals that filter heat or the installation of solar protection films on conventional glass.

We want to propose the use of sunscreen sheets or shades to be able to minimize this problem and some more.

What are sun protection films?

The sun protection films consist of several layers polyester, some with metallic particles that reflect light and heat. There are sheets of interior and exterior application. They filter heat, ultraviolet rays, reduce glare and act as a thermal insulator in the cold months. They are subjected to many tests of performance and duration. Certification issued by the laboratory Inma.

sun protection sheet sun protection screen

How do the sun protection sheets work?

In conventional glasses without solar protection sheet, the energy of the sun that impinges on these crosses practically in its entirety until reaching the interior increasing the temperature. In crystals with foil, most of this energy is rejected, a percentage is absorbed by the sheet and another very small percentage goes inside.

What are the sun protection films for?

The sun protection sheets reject the sun's rays preventing entry to the interior. They filter up to 97% of heat entering through the crystals, reducing the interior temperature. Decreases the consumption of air conditioning, lowering the electricity bill and maintenance of air conditioning equipment. It helps the air conditioning of the place without excessive consumption of electricity. Reduce large differences in temperature in different parts of the room or room. Sun protection films help sustainable development and energy savings. There are places where it has been possible to lower the temperature to 5 degrees.

Ultraviolet rays are the main causes of discoloration and accelerated aging of carpets, curtains, furniture, sofas, paintings ... The ultraviolet rays are the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun in a frequency band between 400 and 100 nm. Due to its low frequency it is invaluable to the human eye. The sun protection films filter up to 99.5% of the ultraviolet rays protecting our equipment from the action of ultraviolet rays. Lengthen the life of our products avoiding rapid discoloration and aging by the action of the sun's rays. We can enjoy the sunlight without worrying about our sofas, park, furniture, carpets ...

Excess light can be annoying even harmful in some cases. The sun protection films reduce light intensity and it makes it possible for us to have the curtains drawn or the blinds raised without being disturbed by sunlight. Ideal for places where too much light prevents us from working with the computer or watching television. With the sun protection sheets we can enjoy an adequate light intensity without having to deploy curtains or lower blinds taking advantage of sunlight and renouncing artificial lighting and energy consumption.

Just as the heat in the summer months enters the interior through the crystals, in winter the opposite occurs. The heat generated inside the houses or offices is lost through the windows, reducing the temperature and having to replace this heat loss with the use of air conditioning units, increasing the expenditure of electricity. The sun protection films they help to save energy in the cold months. The sheets reduce the emissivity (the passage of energy through a body) avoiding the loss of heat through the glass. They work in all seasons of the year.

Another function of the sun protection films is that of provide privacy. Most of the sheets produce the mirror effect, ideal not to be seen. We have the possibility to see through the crystals without being seen from the outside. We can enjoy the views, the privacy and at the same time reduce the heat that enters through the glass. We can enjoy the views without the discomfort of being observed.

solar protection film solar protection film

How are they put?

The sun protection films go Adhered to the glass with a special adhesive. It is not necessary to disassemble any glass.

Are they installed inside or outside?

There are both types of plates, but depending on the orientation, the size of the glass and the amount of heat that you want to filter, you will opt for an outer sheet instead of an inside sheet, otherwise it could produce a thermal shock and break the glass. The exterior installations are sealed perimetrally with silicone to guarantee its guarantee.

Are the sheets maintained?

The only maintenance that is required is its cleaning, it is recommended for its durability. Cleaning is done normally, it is recommended to wash the crystals with water and soap of neutral pH and use rubber spatulas to remove the water. Do not use scrapers or scourers. All the sheets have an anti-scratch treatment to avoid scratching easily.

How long are the plates?

The maximum guarantee for the sheets reaches up to 10 years for vertical installations and 7 years for horizontal installations. But there are facilities with more than 15 years that retain all their properties.

How long does it take to amortize a sheet?

Depending on the glazed surface, the type of glass, the orientation and the type of sheet, it will take us more or less to amortize it, but the approximate average of amortization is usually between 3 and 4 years.

What are sunscreen blinds?

It is a conventional blind manufactured with a material that filters the heat, ultraviolet rays, reduces reflections and prevents the loss of heat in the winter months. Practically have the same technical characteristics as the sun protection sheets, the only difference is that you adapt them to your needs of light and heat, if you want protection you deploy them completely and if on the contrary you are interested in the entrance of light and heat you collect them . You choose the level of protection at each moment.

solar protection film solar protection film

Where can I put the sunscreen blinds?

The blinds are made to measure and there are several models. They adapt to all types of windows and windows, whether horizontal, vertical or inclined. They have different types of drive, chain, crank or electric. Different models and colors. There is a range of 100% recyclable fabrics.

Both the blinds such as sun protection sheets can be a good alternative to combat heat and excess electrical power consumption in summer without giving up the sunlight, and remember that they will also protect us from the cold in the winter months by acting as a thermal insulator. It is a good way to coexist with the benefits of the sun without being affected by the inconveniences. Blinds and sheets of sun protection, two solutions for your crystals.

This article has been written by Carlos Navarro de Servimena

Photographs ceded by the author.

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