Bright and sustainable housing in the purest Mediterranean style

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Decor : Bright and sustainable housing in the purest Mediterranean style

Today we want to tell you about the last construction carried out by ARQUIMA. It is a house of energy classification A in the Mallorcan town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar. It is a house of 148.5 m2, being the first one that is totally ecological in this municipality. For its construction, wood has been used as it is one of the most sustainable materials on the market.

For the assembly of the structure and housing envelope, made with the industrialized system of ARCHIME light timber frame, it only took three days, which highlights the speed of execution and the industrialization with which the company develops its projects. The walls of the façade reached the island by ferry from Barcelona and it took just one week to manufacture the different modules.

The envelopes of the projects of ARCHIME They are executed with excellent quality carpentry, with a high degree of insulation and watertightness. These guarantee high energy efficiency, due to the low energy demand. In addition, with the help of double flow heat recovery systems, it is possible to keep the interior spaces in a comfortable situation with savings in air conditioning of 80%.

A sustainable and exclusive home

This sustainable house has a single floor in Roman design in the shape of an H. It has a central patio that helps improve the luminosity of the other rooms. A living room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a laundry room are the rooms that the house has.

The housing envelope is made with its own system of ARCHIME made of light wooden framework with which they achieve maximum energy efficiency by applying the Passivhaus principles: good thermal insulation in the casing, a design free of thermal bridges, high-performance carpentry and glass, perfect control of the tightness and a Dual flow controlled mechanical ventilation system with high performance heat recovery.

Regarding the interior materials, it has been covered with laminated plaster and painted with natural silicate paints, while the envelope has been covered with a SATE (Exterior Thermal Insulation System) system with wood fiber insulation and mortars. natural silicates. The joinery, both exterior and interior, is made of white lacquered wood. The stone floors, with an aged finish and combined with parquet, give a rustic air to the house. The stone floor chosen for rooms and bedrooms has also been used for kitchen and bathrooms.

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