Bruguer paintings, a world of colors for your home

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Decor : Bruguer paintings, a world of colors for your home

Bruguer Paintings

Do you want to change the color of the walls? Give that piece of furniture that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere a second chance? Pinturas Bruguer gives you the opportunity to personalize your home and create environments full of color for your enjoyment and that of your family.

The recognized brand of paints offers you a wide collection of plastic paints that allow you to color walls and ceilings; varnishes and protectors, which beautify and protect wood and enamels for metals and woods that decorate the rest of the surfaces.

In addition to offering you a wide range of products With which to give life to spaces, Bruguer helps you choose the most suitable for each project. What type of product do you want? What surface do you want to transform or protect? In what room of the house? What is the range of colors you are thinking of?

Bruguer Products

Find a color, choose a product

Choosing the color of the walls can be difficult, but probably if you already have one color palette in mind: White? Yellow? Blue? green? Ocher? Choose your color palette, select the room you want to paint, the type of surface and the finish you are looking for, and Bruguer will offer you different color possibilities from which you can choose.

You can also be guided by the many decorating ideas suggested by the paint brand or by the color palettes that each one proposes based on the color of the year. The color that Bruguer’s color experts choose by analyzing world trends.

Bruguer Tester

Didn’t you just make up your mind? Now with the new Bruguer color testers you can test the color on your wall before painting. Finding the perfect shade from its comprehensive selection of over 70 colors has never been easier. Buy the testers online for € 1.99 and receive them at home to do the tests you need.

Bruguer’s Color of the Year 2021: Mother Earth

Each year, color specialists and an international team of design experts analyze the world trends that will affect every area of ​​our lives. Those ideas translate into a key color that reflects the mood of the moment – a shade that will have an impact in homes around the world.

Mother Earth Color

As a result of that analysis, experts have chosen Mother Earth ™ as Bruguer’s Color of the Year 2021. A warm and earthy tone that conveys a sense of stability, growth and potential: the basis for change and creativity in your home.

Don’t know how to combine it? Don’t worry, Bruguer Paintings has created four color palettes simple, all focused on the color of the year, so you can express yourself through this color in many ways in your home. And not satisfied with it, he has shaped different spaces using these to inspire you.

Bruguer color palettes

Bruguer Paintings invites you to combine Mother Earth with timeless colors thus creating a firm foundation for any furniture, classic or modern, that works well with natural crafts and materials. You can also include warmer tones in the palette, subtle and elegant tones that fit perfectly with mid-century furniture and finishes such as copper, marble and velvet.

Bruguer color palettes

Looking for a bolder color combination? You will achieve this by combining the Color of the year 2021, Mother Earth, with bold pinks and reds. A very wise choice to decorate spaces with modern furniture, graphic patterns and light wood floors. Another alternative is to combine Madre Tierra with nuanced blues and greens that go well with natural woods, restored furniture, molded ceramics, and houseplants.

Browse among the many Bruguer products and find the ones you need to make your home like new. You can buy products online or enter your location or address in your search engine to find a dealer in your area. Pinturas Bruguer offers you all the facilities so that you can transform your home at your own pace. Doesn’t coloring the walls seem like a good plan to entertain you now that bad weather and COVID force us to spend more time at home?

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