Build your own cement Star Wars figures

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Build your own cement Star Wars figures

Build your own cement Star Wars figuresInternet has these things, you look for "Lego tables" and you end up in "How to make a (concrete) Death Star". As to not forget about Lego and dive in the most brutalist Star of Death. The best, the system besides super simple is used to build a lot of cement Star Wars figures.

The secret is in using silicone molds for ice or those used in baking as formwork. And there's a lot of Star Wars.

Star Wars figures of cement with silicone molds

In the page that linked above, the process with images for the case of the Death Star is explained. As the page is in English I quickly translate the steps:

  1. Spray the inside of the molds with a non-stick spray for silicone
  2. If it is a mold in two parts, close it by adjusting the notches and protect the union with bodywork tape
  3. With the protection of gloves, glasses and dust mask, add fast cement and water in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer that is completely mixed and easy to pour
  4. Move the mixture to a smaller container to facilitate the spill
  5. Pour the mixture with the help of a funnel inside the mold
  6. Cover the pouring hole with your finger and Shake to eliminate air bubbles. Do it slowly because if you shake vigorously you will create more bubbles
  7. With the mold on a table pour more mix up fill it up. Tap gently with your finger to eliminate bubbles
  8. Let dry one night
  9. Remove the mold carefully
  10. Gently chop excess cement that may have been around the board
  11. Sand the base eliminating the excess of cement that remained through the opening of the mold to get a surface on which to settle it
  12. Our Cement Death Star It's ready

Where to get the silicone molds?

Pastry mold R2-D2

I knew the molds for the Death Star, but it has been search for "Star Wars ice" on Amazon and they appear a lot. My recommendation, besides of course the Death Star, buy the pack that includes Darth Vader, R2-D2, the Milena Falcon, Storm Troopers, Wing Fighter fighters and Han Solo in carbonite.

Bonus extra: turn the Death Star into a wall hanger

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