Chaise Longue Covers – The best complement to protect your sofa

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Decor : Chaise Longue Covers – The best complement to protect your sofa

Types of chaise longue

If you have bought a new sofa, you want to protect it at all costs and it is common. We want it to last a long time and as such, we will avoid friction or all kinds of stains. That’s where the Chaise Longue covers that are the perfect complement to cover our furniture.

But do you know how to measure them or where to buy them? So do not worry because today you will leave your doubts with everything we have prepared for you. Sure now you will enjoy your sofa even more without having to worry so much about its resistance or durability. Find out!

How to protect your sofa

When we buy a new sofa it is true that we love to show it off and for that reason, we do not usually opt for anything else. But with use, friction and even pets can cause it to wear out. Hence, before it happens, we must choose to protect it. How? Well, there are several that you should take into account:

  • A thin blanket which are very varied in colors as we well know. So at the same time to protect you can also combine us in the decoration. But this idea is only advisable for the seat itself and does not cover the rest of the sofa.
  • A sofa cover It is also a piece that adapts to the cushions, both the seats and the backrests. So it is more protected than the previous option, but not yet completely because there are areas that remain uncovered and once we remove it, you will be able to tell the difference.
  • Therefore, the best solutions are Chaise Longue covers because here every inch of the sofa will be covered making it last much longer.

Cover for chaise longue

How to measure Chaise Longue sofa covers

As you well know, not all Chaise Longue are the same. Some have two seats, while others are three or more. Hence, we also need to know what measurements you have to get the case itself right. Well, do you know how you should measure your sofa?

  • You must measure well from one side to the other, that is, taking the armrests also within the measurement. In other words, the whole set from end to end.
  • Remember that you must measure the backrests well, both their height and their width, because we will have to buy a cover that gives of itself to be able to cover that area and sometimes if we do not measure it well, we will lack fabric.
  • In all its parts, both the length and the width are good.
  • Do not buy a cover larger than the measurements that you have taken. It is usually something common but also a mistake. Because if you do, it will be much looser and it is not the finish we are looking for.
  • Don’t forget to measure the height of the cushions.

How to measure a chaise longue

Tips for buying your sofa cover

Sometimes we jump in and the play goes wrong. Because although it seems simple, it is not always so. Remember that it is always better to stop a little more in measuring than not to buy and that the covers for Chaise Longue do not work for us. One of the mistakes is buying a more spacious one. With some exceptions, they do not usually shrink when washed, so it is always better that it fits rather than that it is too wide.

What you can do is buy an elastic standard but still, without exceeding the measurements. You can choose a cover that goes according to the colors of your living room and you will have a perfect combination and a new sofa in the blink of an eye. You also have cushion covers, if what you prefer is to only take care of the part of the seat itself and not the entire sofa. Polyester, elastane and cotton will be part of these fabrics. Do you already have yours?

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