Chaise longue sofas to decorate the living room

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Chaise longue sofas to decorate the living room

Chaise longue sofas

The couch It is the most important element of the room. Taking care of both the aesthetics and its functionality is key for this space to work. And among all the sofas the chaise longue models are probably better to combine both features.

Chaise longue sofas are characterized by presenting a longer arm which allows us to stretch our legs. This L-shaped design, in addition to aesthetically speaking a lot of play, provides great comfort. And no, it is not necessary a large living room to place a sofa of this type if a proper distribution of space is made.

Who does not like it be able to stretch your legs on the couch after eating? The sofas with chaise longue are ideal to take a nap comfortably but also to sit and read or enjoy a marathon series at the end of the day. Everyone in the family will agree on it and everyone will want the corner so you will have to be willing to fight for it, are you? But these are not all its advantages and disadvantages.

Chaise longue sofas

Advantages of chaise longue sofas

There are many decoration professionals who opt for chaiselonge sofas which leads us to think that it is a good alternative to decorate the living room. And it is because besides allowing us take advantage of space They are extremely comfortable for a family. But what other advantages do they have compared to other options?

  • Take advantage of the corners: Its L-shape allows us to take advantage of the corners of our living room more efficiently than a combination of two sofas.
  • Stretch the legs: The chaise longue sofas are designed so that we stretch our legs without the need for any movement or accessory.
  • More seats: Although the longer arm is designed to stretch the legs, it also serves as a seat when the whole family gathers or has guests.
  • Makeshift bed for guests: Even sofas that are not designed for them can fulfill this function in a timely manner.
  • Storage. Some models include storage space extension; Very useful for storing blankets.
  • Separate environments: The L-shape of the chaise longue sofas is suitable to help separate different environments within a large space.


Disadvantages of chaise longue sofas

Although the advantages are numerous we have also been able to find some "but" this type of sofa:

  • Great for Very small rooms: When the living room is very small and very long, a traditional sofa can be a better alternative to get the most out of the distribution.
  • Backless. The part where you can stretch your feet does not have a backrest as such, so it is not as comfortable to sit as the front of the sofa.
  • Less versatile In terms of design it is less versatile than a traditional sofa. It's harder to fit in a new space if we move.

Where to place the chaise longue sofa?

Given its shape it seems logical to think that its natural site is a corner. Do you have one in the room empty corner in which you do not have closets or access to other rooms? The chaise longue sofa will help you decorate it without complications. If you also have a window in this corner, it will become an ideal corner in which to sit and relax and / or read.

Corner sofas

Do you have a large room? A large open space Designed to house the living area and dining room? In that case the chaise longue sofa in addition to decorating the space will help you separate or delimit the different environments. Its design in L makes it a suitable piece for such a function.

Chaise longue sofas to separate environments

As you have been able to deduce from the images, adapting a chaise longue sofa to your living room will not have any difficulty in terms of style. In the market you will find all kinds of sofas chaise longue, from the most traditional made with warm fabrics and enveloping designs, to the most modern with straight and minimalist designs.

As we always repeat when it comes to acquiring a piece of furniture, do it without hurry. Measure the available space well and make sure that the sofa meets your practical and aesthetic needs. It is an important investment and as such it will require all your attention.

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