Children's birthday decoration – Fun ideas for children –

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Children's birthday decoration - Fun ideas for children -

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<p style=Today we present ideas for children's birthday decoration in spring. If you do not want your celebration to resemble the majority of parties attended by your classmates. It is not necessary for the birthday to take place in indoor trampoline parks or in skating rinks or in play areas. The celebrations at home are no less cheerful or less significant than those of the other type: they simply fall into the simplest end of the spectrum but today not with these decorating ideas cum child DIY.

Child birthday decoration


The cone-shaped party hats are fun, but would not you rather wear a crown that looks like a birthday cake? Even better than that, this can be customized with decorations and even candles, so you can do it yourself or the children.

Design and decorate a dessert that is as simple or elegant as you want. And if the trimmed items are not exactly what you want on your cake, you can also draw your own "icing" designs!

children's birthday decoration -corona

Make one of these hats for the child's birthday or use it as a fun DIY at a party! Because you know that every child (and maybe even an adult or two) will want one.

Cardboard and / or thick paper


Glue stick

Markers or crayons

children's birthday decoration-crown-materials

Cut around the pie shape into tiers and cut the two separate rectangles. Keep the levels attached by a tall hat or cut the top level if you want to make a smaller hat.

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<p style=Glue the two rectangles to the edges of the tiered cake with approximately. Leave this aside to dry. If you are going to make these hats at a birthday party with many children, you may want to prepare this part of the hat for each child in advance.

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<p style=Color the cake decorating pieces you want to use. Ice formation comes in almost any color you can imagine, so be creative! If you want to use the big circle, you can type a name, the age of the birthday child or even a funny message.

Child birthday decoration

children's birthday decoration pastel-birthday-ideas-children

Cut all the pieces. Children with good scissor skills can cut around bold lines. If you are still learning, you can cut the thin gray lines for more complex shapes.

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<p style=Now it's time to decorate cakes! Reorganize icing, candles and other decorations to design a cake that is good enough to eat. You can make something very traditional, fluffy and fruity, or a cake that is simply fun!

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<p style=How to make a bunny piñata





Scotch tape

white crepe paper or tissue paper

Glue stick

cardboard in black, brown and pink

Cut out two shapes of bunny face. Use a cube to draw a circle on a cardboard, and then use the freehand ears. Cut a face first, then repeat it on more cardboard and cut it out. This ensures that both sides of the piñata are symmetrical. Drill a hole in the top of each facepiece so you have a place to insert a rope to hang the piñata.

Children's birthday decoration - Piñata with rabbit shape

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<p style=Cut cardboard strips to the edge of the piñata. Begin by placing them around a facial piece, bending and molding the shape of the face. Then start placing them together with strips of adhesive tape placed around the area where the edges meet.

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<p style=Place the other facepiece in the same way so that you have a complete piñata shape. We leave an open hole in the top of one ear to place candies and toys inside.

Children's birthday decoration - Piñata with rabbit shape

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<p>Start creating fringes on your crepe paper or tissue paper. If you are using tissue paper, you must first cut it into strips. Fold the accordion-style strips and use scissors to cut the stripe on one side of the tissue paper, approximately half the height of the paper. Then unfold and you should have a long strand of fringes.</p>
<p style=Start covering your piñata! Start placing the fringe on the bottom and move up. Place a line of glue stick down, adhere a row of fringes and trim the ends so that they are even with the edges of the piñata. We recommend doing the sides first and then the front and back. Continue advancing upwards with rows until you are completely covered.

Children's birthday decoration - Piñata with rabbit shape


Fill with candy and toys through the hole in the ear and insert a string through the holes in the top head. Tie the rope at the top, pull one end over the branch of a tree, and let the kids have fun!

Children's birthday decoration - Piñata with rabbit shape


We continue with another good project for Easter. Would you think you can make such cute boxes of DIY bunnies with rolls of toilet paper? The gift boxes are made quickly and are ideal for small candies.

A bunny gift box for Easter

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<p style=materials

Roll of toilet paper
thin knitting needle
acrylic paint
liquid glue
felt pen black, white and neon pink.
small pompom

And so the little gift box in the shape of a bunny is made.

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<p style=Press the roll of toilet paper so that it is flat and press the sides with your fingers. Place the food can on the open edge so that the rounding ends at the corners of the toilet paper roll and you can draw a semicircle with the knitting needle. With this you deploy the round fold in the box on all four sides. Fold the curves along the fold inward; they should be right on top of each other and close both sides open. Unfold again.

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<p style=Paint the entire paper roll with acrylic paint. Let it dry.
Trim two rabbit ears of a small size to fit the roll of paper ..
Stick the ears. Pay attention to how the ears protrude when the box is closed (in short, you must place them at an angle so that they are then lifted).

Draw a face to the rabbit with a black pencil, with the white pencil draw the teeth and small points of light in each eye. Use the pink neon marker for the inside of the ears and pink cheeks. Finally, throw a pompom like a tail for the bunny and have it done.

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<h3 style=DIY decoration for felt carrots cakes for Easter 2019

If the decoration for your child's birthday cake does not seem enough, we show you an easy idea. You can try making your own garland of felt carrots. This garland of DIY felt carrot for Easter 2019 is perfect for decorating the Easter dessert, especially the carrot cake. And because it is mini in size, it does not take long to do it.

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<p style=Materials to make a carrot garland with DIY felt for Easter:

Rolls of wool in a variety of roses, oranges and greens
Needle felt mat
Felt needle
Embroidery needle
Baker's twine
Thread pin

Start by grabbing a small piece of egg in a pink or orange shade, wind it on a log and place it on your needle felt mat.

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<p style=Next, use the felt needle to push the wick. While you do this over and over again, the fuse will start to feel. This means that it joins and forms small knots and makes a more tense link between the fibers.

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<p style=Continue introducing the needle into the wool, advancing around it to form a carrot shape. Push more on the tip to form the tighter felt point of the carrot and less on the top to form the wide top.

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<p style=When the carrot forms and maintains its shape, use the needle to put a small piece of green cloth for the top of the carrot. Now repeat with all your colors that you have to make at least 5 carrots for your mini cupcake. For a larger garland you may want to make 12-15 carrots.


Use a large embroidery needle to pass the baker's yarn through the top of the carrots. Then, cut a slot in the top of the two paper straws and slide the ends of the string through the slot. Use tape to secure the string if desired.

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<p style=The last step for the cake of your cake is to insert the straws into the cake. For a long garland to hang on the wall, simply tie a loop on the ends of the baker's rope and use them to hang the garland.


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