Children’s cakes – beautiful ideas for summer birthdays

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Decor : Children’s cakes – beautiful ideas for summer birthdays

summer children's cakes

Without a doubt, children’s birthday cakes steal the limelight at parties. Of course, the laughter, the games, the music, among many other things, are also part of a great celebration as it is one more year of life. But the eyes will always return to children’s birthday cakes.

decoration kids cakes

In this article we will show you some great ideas for children’s birthday cakes for the summer. Sun, beach, pool, happy colors to draw even more attention from the little ones and also from the big ones. Around the children’s cakes is where the photographs and the guests are usually centered.

children's cakes design

It is worth mentioning that you also never lack the little one that you will want to try ahead of time. Every birthday is a special moment, especially in the life of a child. Perhaps some people find this type of celebration an unnecessary expense. But today, celebrating a child’s birthday goes a little further.

children's cakes sand beach

That is, when a child is celebrated he obviously feels important and loved. It should also be noted that when the child has the opportunity to invite a few friends over to their home or their entire family to their birthday party, this helps them to relate much better. Since he experiences the company of different people.

Children’s cakes with Captain Hook theme

children's boat cakes

It doesn’t really matter the size of the birthday party. The important thing is to have and maintain a family tradition of celebrating something special like a birthday. Now, if your child already has a choice, then take him with you so he can choose his cake. Or at least you should take into account his opinion of how he would like it.

children's cakes goodies

Today, the designs and decorations of children’s cakes are almost endless. It is worth mentioning that not all children like chocolate, so you must also take into account the taste of it to please it.

Beautiful and delicate children’s cake in the form of a gift

children's cakes gift

If you want to have a themed birthday celebration, you should plan and organize ahead of time to avoid doing everything in a hurry. If your little one is fortunate enough to meet in the great summer season, there are many ideas and designs for children’s cakes that your child will love.

mermaid cakes

Remember to take into account the number of guests you will have, to choose the correct size of the cake. Of course, children’s cakes, in particular, are very colorful, cheerful and full of creativity, just like them. Of course, depending on the age of the child, your cake may be a little different and maybe even mtos elaborate.

funny children's cakes

Children’s cakes can be made from your little one’s favorite cartoons, a toy, also an activity that he likes and that he practices or animals. As for children’s birthday cake ideas in summer, those who recreate the figures of fish and marine animals are very popular.

Cute children’s cake recreating marine life

ocean children's cakes

The pastels are usually blue in color combined with any other. But that does not mean that it is only for boys and not for girls. A girl may also like surfing, spongebob or Hawaiian style. Today, most children’s cakes have multi-level designs, although they also continue single-plane cakes with spectacular designs.

children's cakes diver boy

There are countless designs from which you can choose, you can even request a specific and personalized design. For birthdays in the summer season, generally, children’s party decorations have to do with the sun and the sea or the pool.

Creative design of children’s cakes for double birthdays

double children's cakes

With fish, pirates, boats, surfboards and Hawaiian style. Of course it also depends on the choice of your little one. Although they are generally themes that they also love for all the colors and shapes they have. Decorating in a Hawaiian style can be for both girls and boys.

children's cakes with level

Yes, in this style there are many flowers of various striking colors. But there are also the beautiful and striking surfboards for both sexes. But always taking into account the opinion and preference of the little birthday boy even though they frequently change constantly. There are even children’s cakes that have a pleasant surprise inside.

Beautiful cake with the colors of the rainbow and cascade of sweets

surprise children's cakes

Whether it is small toys or candy in beautiful colors and it is something that will surely surprise your little one. The truth is that you should first think about what children’s cake they want. To then leave with the decoration of the party room or outdoors. We also want to point out that not all children’s cakes are pure icing.

minions cakes

There are also fruits, which would be a slightly healthier nutritional contribution. Children’s cakes, as we already mentioned, are the center of attention in all birthday celebrations. It is true that a cake for metos beautiful and elaborate as it is, it ends with a few bites.

tropical children's cakes

But much moretos allá to eat and taste your birthday cake. There will be a beautiful and emotional memory in your little one that will accompany him for many years. If you don’t want to have a themed party but just prefer to put some normal decorations and the big cake together with some hors d’oeuvres, then you should still make sure to combine the colors of your decoration with the colors of the cake.

crab cakes

Obviously it doesn’t have to be a large decorated room. A small area in the pool or in the middle of your garden you can make a nice and striking birthday party decoration for your little one. Remember that before buying the cake, you must know how many guests there will be.

Great children’s cake with beach and surf theme

surf kids cakes

This is really important since, depending on the number of your guests, the size of the cake will be. So it is something that you must indicate at the time of purchase. Something that is also important that you do not overlook, is to acquire the cake in a place recognized for the quality of its products.

Children’s cake with small surfboards

children's cakes for summer

You don’t want to be surprised and disappoint the birthday boy a few hours before his party. On the other hand, you also don’t want to waste your budget on a cake that doesn’t meet your little one’s or yours. As for the birthday party where most of the guests will be children, it is necessary that you take into account other details such as the time when the meeting will begin and end.

children's pastels color

Take into account that they are children, so it is preferable that, the event starts early and is at least four hours long. Of course this is just a recommendation. Only you decide if you want to continue for much longertoIt’s time your little one’s party.

nemo kids cakes

And speaking of schedules, what you should take into account is the time to blow out the candles and distribute the cake. Try not to be at the end of the meeting. So that all children have the opportunity to enjoy their piece of cake in peace before leaving.

whale cakes

In some places, although it is not very common, they make each child blow out the candles on the cake. Of course, to avoid this, it could take a long time. We could recommend having a beautiful cake at your candy table. But also have a small cupcake for each child with a candle.

Children’s cake with colorful flowers and cupcake

children's cakes flowers

Thus they will have the opportunity to blow out the candles together with the birthday boy and at the same time. Which is a lot mtos fast and no child will have to wait his turn. Now that we have an idea so that the children don’t get bored waiting for a turn, you should also consider how you are going to distract them during the party.

Children’s cake with the crazy minions on the beach

minions playaa children's cakes

You should have short, simple but fun activities. There are many games for children’s parties. You have many options ranging from games to easy crafts such as painting and decorating cookies. Of course, also depending on the budget you have set for your little one’s party, you can hire a party entertainer to keep them entertained.

rainbow children's cakes

Obviously the activities should be age appropriate for the children. Of courseCelebrating your little one’s birthday is essential in his growth. But did you know that this was not always the case? Let’s take a walk through a brief history of the celebration that we know today as the birthday celebration.

children's pool cakes

Everything we know about birthday parties today. Like children’s cakes, candles, gifts and more, they have been developing and let’s say, perfecting for thousands of years. Of course, like everything, various cultures have been adding things to this tradition that we enjoy today.

Very original children’s beach cake

beach surf children's cakes

According to historical records, the first to celebrate a birthday were the ancient Egyptians. But of course, they did not start by throwing parties for their children, family or friends, but for their gods. The ancient Greeks also began to celebrate the birthdays of their gods.

children's cakes girls

But they added something else to their tradition that is still preserved today, candles. The ancient Greeks celebrated the birthday of the goddess Artesima with a kind of bread. This was the goddess of the moon. So the ancient Greeks began to use candles to represent the glow of it.

Hawaiian style children’s cake decoration

Hawaiian children's cakes

It is even believed that, long after this, people began to celebrate birthdays with candles to draw the attention of their gods. So that their prayers and requests were answered. After much more time, pagans in various countries began to believe that all people were much more fragile and helpless when there was a major change in their lives. And of course, birthdays were included in those changes.

slide children's cakes

So they believed that to avoid misfortune and ward off all evil from the birthday person, they gathered around them to celebrate. This is where the gifts and offerings begin to appear in order to make the moment much more joyful. This celebration was gaining popularity and increasingly became more common.

Children’s beach-themed cake perfect for summer birthdays

children's ball cakes

But it is also true that, for a long time, this type of celebration was only for royalty and also for the nobility. Since only they were “worthy”. Well, jumping many centuries, we tell you that the Germans had acquired this custom both from the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and the pagans to celebrate birthdays.

fruit cakes

So the Victorians, for their part, took and copied that idea and brought it to the United Kingdom making it also very popular. This is where everything we know comes in and is part of our tradition. The meetings, the cake, the candles and the gifts to celebrate.

fish kids cakes

High-society Victorians of course took advantage of this to show off their wealth. Also to teach children about etiquette and social behavior. So thanks to Victorian parents, we also have gift bags and children’s party entertainment today.

pirate kids cakes

But for several decades of the 20th century, children’s parties went out of fashion. This is because most of the mothers did not have cooks. No person to help them clean the house after a celebration. Fortunately, after World War II, children’s birthday celebrations became popular again. So since 1950, children’s parties and cakes are a right for the little ones.

children's beach cakes

children's cakes sun

children's cakes with marine life

children's cakes with flowers

children's cakes ice cream cones

children's cakes sweet popsicles

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