Chinese lanterns to decorate your next garden party

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Decor : Chinese lanterns to decorate your next garden party

Chinese lanterns

Lantern. (Del dim. De lantern) (1. m. Paper lantern, cellophane or colored plastic, which is used to decorate at festivals and parties. »

The good weather invites us to enjoy the outdoor spaces and those who have a garden or terrace in their homes often become perfect hosts. You are one of them?
Are you looking for elements that illuminate and add color to your next garden party?

The lanterns They have been designed to decorate festivals and parties. But it is not necessary to celebrate a big party to want to give your garden that festive and intimate atmosphere that they provide. Given the impossibility of being able to celebrate large parties, nothing prevents us from putting a bad face on bad weather.

The lanterns are very decorative and you can use us in different ways: hanging from the ceiling in the form of a garland, hanging from the branches of the trees or on the ground marking the way. Because as you will have time to check, there are many types of lanterns. They can be made of different materials and use different technologies to provide light to space. There are electric lanterns and others that bet on LED technology and run on batteries or solar panels.

Ikea Lanterns

Of paper and LED technology, the most popular

The paper lanterns with LED technology they are the most popular. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors but be careful! not everyone is prepared for the rain. If you’re looking for waterproof lanterns so nothing spoils your party, make sure they’re waterproof.

Very easy to assemble, they have a screen and a metal skeleton. You can find them in different sizes and colors, with plain or patterned patterns. Spherical lanterns are the most popular but you can also find them with a cylindrical, globe shape … They are more difficult to find but not impossible in large e-commerce portals such as Amazon or Ebay and specialized stores.

Some require a cable and plug; others They work with a solar panel thatIt transforms sunlight into electricity. The latter not only provide you with a way to save energy and take care of the environment, but they also guarantee you greater safety outdoors.

Chinese lanterns

How to decorate with lanterns

During the day the lighting is not so important and the lanterns have a merely decorative function. In these cases it is usual to find the lanterns of different sizes and colors combined with other festive elements such as pennants or garlands in vibrant shades or pastel colors to create eye-catching ensembles.

On the other hand, at night, in order to achieve adequate lighting, the ideal is to combine the lanterns with garlands of lights. It is usual on these occasions to choose white lanterns, since they provide a warm and intimate light and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Look at the image below; At Decoora we love the idea of ​​combining medium / large lanterns with tiny light garlands, and you?

If the table area is far from the front door, also use lanterns to delimit the path and driving guests to it is always a great idea. There are lanterns that have been specially designed to be placed on the ground, use them! These are generally cylindrical in shape and usually run on solar energy.

Party lanterns

Do you want to create a fairytale atmosphere? Wrap the trees with lanterns and garlands of lights will provide you with that desired dream environment. It does not matter if the table is not placed next to it; Providing other points of interest and light in the garden will elevate the decoration to another category.

Regardless of the type of party you are going to celebrate, the lanterns will help you create a festive atmosphere. Whether you prepare a barbecue with your friends, or if you are going to celebrate a children’s party, the lanterns are a good decorative bet. Play with the size, shape and color of them to create the atmosphere you want and have fun doing it! That is the most important.

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