Choose a good footrest and gain comfort

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Decor : Choose a good footrest and gain comfort


The footrest is a disused piece that, however, contributes to our well-being, to our comfort. Those of us who work from home use them to correct our posture while working on the computer. But it will not be these footrests that we will talk about today, but those that help us rest our legs when we relax in our bedroom or living room.

The footrests become a great ally in moments of rest. Properly used they help us to rest our legs and promote our circulation. It is important, however, to choose one with the appropriate height and non-slip to avoid problems

If I’ve never used a footrest, why do it now? You may be wondering. There are people for whom a footrest can be beneficial; people who have suffered a specific injury, have varicose veins or circulation problems. But you don’t need an excuse to want offer a rest to the extremities. Who doesn’t like to stretch their legs for a while while …

  • Do you enjoy a movie on television?
  • Do you read your favorite book?
  • Or do you just sit down to rest for 10 minutes when you get home?

How to choose footrest

Footrests will not help you relieve tired feet if you do not meet a number of conditions. The most important is, without a doubt, take care of your height so that we do not have to form the position of the legs. It should never be taller than a sofa, never!

Slanted Ikea Designs

We must also demand a properly cushioned or soft support. Especially important is to enjoy this padding where our knee plays and our heels support. In addition, if the footrest has a certain inclination, such as the Omtänksam and Poang models from Ikea, it will help us to promote circulation.

The style

Combining sofa and footrest brings sobriety and elegance to our living room. Both qualities that we can enhance by choosing a set of sofa and footrest with clean lines and soft colors that respond to one of the current decoration trends: the Scandinavian style.

Combined sofa and footrest for greater sobriety and elegance

If, on the contrary, we want to highlight the carefree and / or fun nature of a space, choose pieces that contrast by their design and / or color could help us get it. This tends to give us a little more fear, but with some keys we can achieve a balanced set:

  1. Choose a sofa in neutral tones and a colored footrest to give prominence to the latter.
  2. Choose a neutral footrest and make it stand out with its design or texture.

contrast poufs

The material

We can find both footrests and puffs on the market that can be equally useful, in different materials. The most popular are those classic padded models with covers made in fabric, leather or imitation leather. It is in this type of footrest that we find, most often, those ergonomic and / or inclined designs that contribute so much to its comfort.

Leather footrest

In addition, it is increasingly common to find poufs or fufs of fabric, crochet or raffia in the lounges with a triple purpose: to give our legs a rest, to provide one more seat to our guests and to serve as an auxiliary table to leave the magazine we are reading or the drink we are preparing to have. In order to fulfill all three purposes, the pouf must be structured, which at the moment of truth could compromise its capacity as a footrest.

The material in addition to influencing its aesthetics and comfort also influences the practicality of these footrests. And it is that to keep them as the first day, some will require more care than others. Neither does the ease of cleaning it will be the same in a rattan design as it is in a fabric one.

Before choosing the footrest, it is therefore advisable ask yourself a series of questions to get our choice right. You ask how: Where am I going to place the footrest? Who is going to use it? What is it going to be used for? Do I need it to fulfill more than one function? Is it important for me that its maintenance and cleaning is easy? Answer all of them that will help to invest more consciously the money in the purchase of a footrest.

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