Choose the best shades to decorate the living room

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Choose the best shades to decorate the living room

Hall tones

Decorating the living room is a great decision, as it is one of the most social areas of the house. The place where visitors, friends and family are gathered, so we want it to look good and be cozy. We'll see some ideas in tones for the living room, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

In the Currently there is a great variety when decorating the spaces, with tones of all kinds. We can add from a strong tone to pastel tones or opt for total white. It's all about distributing colors well and choosing the right tones with beautiful blends.

White tones in the lounge

White tones

The white colors are very sought after today, since it is a tone that helps us give luminosity and spaciousness to all spaces. In this sense we can enjoy very clear environments, although sometimes they become boring. White is a tone that is widely used in Nordic environments, so it is fashionable. If you want everything to have a little more color, you can always add touches with a yellow, with pastel tones and even with black, which is very typical in the Scandinavian world.

Raw tones

Raw tones

The raw colors and nude are perfect pieces For our lounge. It is not a tone as cold as white, so it is ideal to give warmth to our environments. The raw tones can be easily added and we can also grace the living room with printed fabrics. In this room there are raw colors on the sofa and beige tones on the walls.

Pastel colors

Pastel shades

The pastel tones are soft, a color that adapts to all types of spaces. Light colors are ideal for not removing brightness and provide some color to the environments. In Scandinavian spaces we find shades such as light pink or mint green. Light gray, whites and crudes are also perfect for these spaces. What we have at the end is a very serene place that is suitable for the living room or bedroom.

Strong tones in the lounge

Shades of gray

In the Currently it is not usual to use tones that are strong, since they reduce us luminosity. But if we do it right we can add them to the room and create a very sophisticated space. In this case they use many raw tones to counteract dark colors. Half of the walls have these light tones. The contrast in these cases is what makes the dark color not so strong.

Blue colors for your living room

The blue colors are cool tones, which are usually used during the summer season. If during the winter we use raw and warm colors so that the environments provide more heat, during the summer we use tones such as blue or gray, which give a lot of freshness to everything. In fact it is very common in the Mediterranean style to use this color together with white. Here we have a space with these blue tones that also range from the lightest to the darkest.

Mix the tones with success

Mixed tones

We like mustard tones because they are intense and are carried, being an ideal trend since autumn. So we find environments like this, which are totally original. If we paint a wall in colors mustard we will have a very beautiful vintage style, but quite strong. The contrast is very important, using light tones that make mustard stand out even more. If you like this tone, use textiles with light and vintage prints.

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