Choosing the dining room table – Don’t miss all these steps!

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Decor : Choosing the dining room table – Don’t miss all these steps!

How to choose the dining table

You want choose the dining room table what better goes with your stay? Then you must take into account a series of steps that are crucial for the result to be much more flattering. Since sometimes we simply get carried away by what we like and do not look further.

It is a common thing to get carried away by the finishes, shapes and colors. But if to these brushstrokes we add the best tips to get it right, then we will have a good choice of our dining table. Do you want to know those steps?

The space we have in the dining room

We must always think carefully about what space we have in the dining area. Since, believe it or not, it is the one who will limit us when it comes to choosing the final model. Therefore, we will have a couple of options or steps to follow for this. If your dining room is small, then it is best to bet on a round table. Without a doubt, they create a smaller visual finish than expected and as such, it seems that we are saving space, which is what we are looking for.

While if your dining room is more spacious, then yes rectangular tables they are the ones that gain more prominence. Anyway, the good thing is to choose a model that is extensible. Since in this way we will never run out of space when the visitors arrive, while for every day, it is convenient to avoid crowds when the meters are scarce.

Choosing the dining room table

What size table do I need?

We already know more or less how we can think in space and with what table type we can cover it. But it is true that now it is the turn of the size of it. It is not a question that has an easy answer. Since as we have mentioned, we must opt ​​for the extensible ones, that always. When we are quite a family they are essential, but even if we are not, we will appreciate it.

Starting from this, remember that we must place it and that there is always a small separation, or passage, between the protagonist and the wall or, between the furniture close. When it comes to sitting on it, each person also needs a few centimeters of distance so as not to look too stuck. So, we will add up and come to the quick conclusion of the type of table and the size we are looking for.

Types of materials for the table

The wood table, simple and finished in white or brown, it is one of the best options. It is true that for the smallest dining rooms, it is best to opt for all those round or square that are small and do not have too much decoration. With thin and simple legs, like chairs, it will be the best recommendation.

Of course, on the other hand, the glass ones are also perfect. Yes, again the smaller spaces They will appreciate it, as it will give them a touch of luminosity that will make them look more spacious. Of course, if you are one of those who use it a lot, we know that glass is quite fragile and for that reason, we must think again about wood finishes, and especially laminates that are cheaper and that are combined with the rest of the decoration.

Types of dining table

Choosing the dining table: Its location

We always want to make a distinction between part of the living room and dining room. Therefore, we must also give a good role to our star today. You can place it towards the wall in tight spaces. Although if not, in a more central part and with corridors on both sides it will also look great and with that feeling of spaciousness. Remember to place a rug and some spotlights or lamps to personalize the terrain. Isn’t that a good idea?

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