Choosing the rug for the living room or dining room – Follow these steps!

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Decor : Choosing the rug for the living room or dining room – Follow these steps!

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Perhaps there are many doubts around how to choose the right carpet. So if you always want to get it right, you can’t miss these practical tips for both the dining room and the living room. two of the places where among the accessories, the rugs always put the most elegant note.

It is true that sometimes they go closer together than we thought and therefore we must try to take the most accurate steps so that our decoration stands out even more. Of course, in addition to the placement in the concrete placeWe also need to know a little more about the textures or colors that they can combine. Are you ready to enjoy it?

How to choose the right carpet for the living room

The living room is one of the areas that needs a carpet to be completed in a more than perfect way. Therefore, we must first see what our living room is like. If you have one where the furniture does not touch the wall, but is rather centered, then you will need a rug that can handle all of them. That is to say, each piece of furniture can be inside the carpet and even a few centimeters will remain. As furniture we understand the sofas or armchairs as well as the central table. Because in this way, the place will look wider and better delimited in the area that we call the living room.

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Of course, if on the other hand, you have the sofa towards the wall and you have a smaller space, then we change our idea slightly. In this case, the carpet will touch the legs of the seats or sofas, in the same way, these can step on our carpet but only a little. That is, the furniture will no longer look over the carpet in its entirety. So in this case, the carpet will be a little smaller, although we must also think about all the furniture that we have. It is not the same if there is only a three-seater sofa than if we have two or armchairs around us.

The best carpet for the dining room

It is true that the best one will be the one you choose because it will go to your liking. But as far as decoration is concerned, it must be said that it happens a bit like it happened in the living room. That is to say, we need a rug that accommodates both the dining table and its chairs. All this furniture must be on the carpet. But what’s more, try to make our accessory stand out a few centimeters, so that there is always room when removing the chairs. In this area, it is always better that the carpets do not stick to the wall.

Choosing according to its tonality

The truth is that you can also let yourself be carried away by the colors. For this, you have to know that light colors are always perfect for the smallest spaces. It is true that perhaps a bit stained and not very functional, so you can opt for beige or grayish tones but always light. To illuminate simple rooms in terms of decoration, then you need more vibrant tones or patterns. If your living room or dining room is really spacious and there is a lot of natural light, then you can opt for darker tones if your decoration requires it.

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The best textures for a warm carpet

It is true that the finish in the form of texture also goes a lot with the decoration. Thus, you can opt for the warmest ones such as long pile rugs. While wool or vegetable fibers are two of the most requested compositions when choosing the carpet for these rooms. Rope or raffia are always present in natural settings and with boho decoration and minimalist brushstrokes. Not forgetting vinyl carpets that have many advantages. For example, they are perfect for people with allergies, they are fire retardant, resistant and easy to clean. Do you already know which of them suits you?

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