Christmas collection in H&M in red tones

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Christmas collection in H&M in red tones

HM Christmas

Christmas has arrived and it's time to think about all those decorative details that we want to put at home to make these parties look perfect. This season is to enjoy and it is great to get into the Christmas spirit, something that helps with the correct decoration. All this they know in H&M and that is why they propose us some ideas to decorate the home this Christmas.

In this new Christmas collection by H&M we find the color red as the protagonist. An intense red and a little darker than the one usually used in Christmas spaces, hence everything has a much more sophisticated touch. But let's see what details and ideas it brings to decorate our home at Christmas.

H&M bets on the color red

The red color is a safe bet in Christmas decoration, that's why the H&M decoration section offers us a whole collection inspired by this color. The red color of this collection is darker and more intense than the typical Christmas red. It offers us a new perspective when using this tone, with very elegant and sophisticated environments.

Christmas table in red tones

If you want the Christmas table to be in red tones, here you have great inspiration. A tablecloth with Christmas flowers stamped as well as their respective table runners. The perfect tablecloth for these holidays. In addition, there are other ideas to complete this table, such as crockery in white tones with edges in gold tones. Gold is a tone that always combines well with red, which is a basic. That is why in the collection we see a cutlery in golden tones that is ideal for Christmas and also for other celebrations. The candlesticks give the final touch to everything, to bring more elegance to the table.

Decorative details for the color red

Christmas details

Decorative details can always help us easily decorate the spaces. In this case they have also focused on the reds and golds, the perfect classic that never fails. We propose to change the cushions of the chair for more Christmas, which will give atmosphere to our living room. There are also small details such as vases or golden trays where to put some decorative things. So we will use the same style throughout the home to get a perfect decoration.

Textiles in red tones

Christmas textiles

The red tones also reach the textiles. There are many types, some with patterned Christmas flowers. The tablecloth is perfect for the dining area and there are also matching cushions. In this case we offer some textiles very set in Christmas.

Decorative candles for your home

Christmas candles

If you like the detail of candles, at H&M they also bring us great Christmas collections. These aromatic candles decorate and give atmosphere in addition to a certain aroma to please the evenings. There are several shades and smells to choose from. This is also a good gift for this season, so enjoy these little details when decorating your home.

Lounges in red tones

H&M decoration

In the Christmas decoration of H&M they bring us some beautiful environments that make us want to change the decoration. This room has some novelties, such as the great cushion covers in golden and burgundy tones, an intense red that is perfect for the home, with soft textures ideal for winter. Add a blanket and some details such as candles and you will have the perfect Christmas room. In golden tones we can find some other things such as a mirror, candles and vases. This will make it much easier to create a matching decoration.

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