Christmas Wreaths and Garlands 2021

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Have you already thought about how you are going to decorate your house? Surely you have some ideas running through your head. To help you, I want to show you options for Christmas wreaths and garlands to decorate the tree or any other space in your house.

I guarantee that you will find few of the traditional crowns with flowers, branches and red bows. We already know how to do them. What I want to show you is that Christmas wreaths are very easy to make and can be made from practically anything you have on hand. Almost all you will need is a good glue gun and a lot of creativity.

Look at these pictures and get inspired.

Handmade Christmas Balls 2021

They are so cute and super easy to do. All you need is colored string, white glue or water-soluble glue and inflated balloons, if you want to make them hollow, since you can also make them on plastic or polystyrene balls. The procedure is simple; You can make them in different sizes, either for a garland with lights on the staircase, to place around the Christmas tree or to screw it into a wreath.

01 Christmas wreath with handmade balls02 garlands with lights03 handmade balls tutorial

Christmas bows 2021

With ribbons or pieces of multicolored fabrics you can make the most beautiful Christmas wreaths. Even with the classic gift bows.

04 christmas wreath with ribbons 305 christmas wreath with ribbons06 christmas wreath with ribbons07 crown with gift bows

2021 Christmas wreaths handmade

A great and provocative idea. You can make your Christmas wreath with nuts, popcorn, fruits, legumes … whatever you want.

08 christmas wreath with nuts

09 garlands with orange peels10 christmas wreath with popcorn11 christmas wreath with peas

Handmade Christmas Ornaments 2021

Felt is, perhaps, the most used material in Christmas crafts. It is used for tablecloths, tree decorations and can also be applied to wreaths and garlands. Make up fun figures and let the kids collaborate on the crafting. They will be beautiful and will have the imprint of the whole family.

12 felt garlands14 felt christmas wreath15 felt christmas wreath16 felt garlands17 felt garlands tutorial

If you do not have felt but you have scraps of fabrics that you have used for other purposes, go ahead and use them to make wreaths and garlands. You can fill them with cotton to give it a fluffy, padded look.

18 quilted hearts christmas wreath19 Christmas wreath of stars and quilted hearts

Tulle is incorporated into the elaboration of these objects in a very original, colorful and informal way.

20 christmas wreath with tulle21 christmas wreath in tulle tutorial

Paper Christmas wreaths 2021

It may be that when thinking of a garland or paper crown, something very simple and without thanks comes to mind, but this is not always the case. You can make truly impressive arrangements with recycled paper, cardstock, and paper material. The simplicity or complexity will depend on your taste and your goals.

22 christmas wreath with book pages23 christmas wreath with book pages24 christmas wreath with magazine pages25 christmas wreath with magazine pages26 garlands with cupcake liners27 garlands with cupcake liners 2

Do not forget that sometimes beauty lies precisely in the simple.

28 simple card garlands29 simple card garlands30 paper-christmas-wreath

Handmade Christmas Garlands 2021

If you are an inveterate knitter, start crossing needles now to show off your creations next Christmas.

31 crochet garlands32 crochet garlands 233 crochet garlands

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