Classic majesty with hints of modernity

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Decor : Classic majesty with hints of modernity

It was at the end of the 19th century when the architect SJW Mons designed this chalet in Wilhelminapark in Haarlem (Netherlands). For its design, it was inspired by the style in the style of houses and gardens. Before the Studio Ruim renovated it, the building acted for years as a recording studio. To adapt it to the current era, they opted for the use of modern and design materials, such as HI-MACS with the intention of revitalizing it.

Full of details and brimming with elegance

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The light, streaming through the period windows and reflecting off the new Arabescato white marble floor, is the first thing that stands out when entering this magnificent building. Everything has been elegantly designed down to the smallest detail, starting with the remarkable architectural cluster lamp that hangs down the stairwell, from the ceiling to the ground floor. Dark green steel door jambs match the velvet stair path, and additional, more modern lighting has been seamlessly integrated into the restored period cornice.

In the center of the living room, a large oak cabinet has been chosen with a built-in stove that connects the kitchen and the living area. The fireplace is incorporated into the living room area, while storage cabinets have been created next to the kitchen.

The Fiori di Bosco marble kitchen island is a spectacular piece, enhanced with an asymmetrical creation of steel that hangs above, and consists of a single shelf with custom designed lighting. In the dining area adjacent to the kitchen, marble countertops and oak fixtures are found under backlit oak and wood shelving. HI-MACS®, which exude purity and minimalism.

Bathtub Cleopatra, the owner and mistress of the house

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The center of the house is located on the upper floor, where the Cleopatra bathtub, pure and majestic, boldly attracts the eye. It is specially designed in HI-MACS® to occupy the niche that protrudes from the tower of the master bedroom. This bathtub uses the thermoforming properties of HI-MACS®, to make it look like it has been cut from one piece, and blends seamlessly with HI-MACS® walls. The non-porous nature of the material and its invisible gaskets not only provide a waterproof surface, but make it extremely easy to clean.

With HI-MACS® in this space a uniform and perfect design is guaranteed —without visible joints—, combined with a surface that is smooth and soft to the touch, while ensuring impeccable hygiene and easy cleaning. HI-MACS® non-porous acrylic stone offers highly resistant protection against mold, dirt, viruses, bacteria and the heavy use of chemicals as disinfectants. Likewise, thanks to its smooth surface and without visible joints, it is easy to maintain. The conformity of these hygienic properties with the international LGA and NSF standards has been confirmed by an independent laboratory.

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The walk-in shower is entirely covered with marble and embedded in a structure with the same oak wood as the ground floor, while, to the right, a white and minimalist HI-MACS® washbasin completes this luxurious bathroom. In the bedroom you will also find the central brown oak theme on the wall behind the bed. According to Studio Ruim, it was important to create a unified design that would subtly link the different spaces and ensure that the motif served the entire house.

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