Coat racks to decorate your hall

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Decor : Coat racks to decorate your hall

Standing coat racks

At Bezzia we have already given you many ideas for furnish the hall, a stay that we don’t always exploit as we should. A wardrobe or shoe rack are pieces of furniture that help us to gain functionality in this room, but what when there is not enough space for them? Standing coat racks can replace them.

Standing coat racks They provide us with a place to hang our coat, purse and other accessories when we get home. They are very practical in the hall, but also decorative. Given the wide variety of designs, finding one that meets both our practical and aesthetic needs is not difficult.

Where are you going to place it? What are you going to use it for? What capacity do you need it to have? If you want to choose the right coat rack, answering these and other questions is essential. The search will be much more agile if you are clear about your needs; You can quickly discard some and focus on designing those that meet these.

Thonet style coat racks

Classic coat racks

If you want to reproduce the style and elegance of classic homes, bet on Thonet style coat racks secondhand. Manufactured for Café Daum in Vienna in the 19th century, they feature subtle curved lines and up to 12 turned wood arms that give them an unmistakable elegance.

This icon of Viennese industrial design fulfills in addition to its function as a coat rack, its function as an umbrella stand thanks to the structure that collects its legs. You can even find designer pieces with a built-in bench, although as a design piece they will require a large investment.

Trendy coat racks

The nordic style designs they are very popular thanks to a combination of functionality and design. Generally made of light woods with white elements to bring more light to the furniture, they fit perfectly in modern and family spaces.

Modern coat racks

Coat racks by Kave Home and Maisons du Monde

Not far from these, we find another type of coat rack also made of wood and with a minimalist style designed to hold up to three garments. Along with these stand out those of metal rods. Both are characterized by take up very little space, which makes it easy to place them even in the smallest hallways.

In recent years, the prominence of the coat racks with sculptural shapes. Design coat racks made of laser-carved and hand-worked steel sheet that look more like a work of art than a coat rack.

Modern coat racks

Made, Discipline and Miniforms Coat Racks

Today, standing coat racks integrate a multitude of accessories. It is easy to find coat racks with umbrella stand or built-in trays in which to leave keys and accessories. Especially interesting proposals to decorate the hall, don’t you agree?

We have also found coat racks with integrated bench in which to take off our shoes when entering the house or with mirrors in which to take a last look before leaving. These furniture allow us to create much more functional reception rooms with a single furniture. What if we could customize the coat rack? There are firms that have already thought about it and offer different extras that you can add to the base design.

Coat racks with extra functionalities

Donkey coat racks

The «donkeys», common in fashion stores and in backstage of theatrical shows, have also become a highly demanded piece to decorate the hall. They are bulkier coat racks than the previous ones but visually light that allows to hang a greater number of garments.

Donkey stand coat racks

Coat stands from Made, Slum and Kave Home

Unlike in the coat racks that we have mentioned above, the garments are usually hung on these on the bar on hangers. Donkeys can be simple and uniquely designed to hang different clothes, but it is not unusual when it comes to decorating the hall. Coat racks are usually chosen with bench or space for shoes in order to create a more practical space.

As you have seen, there are many options you have to make the entrance more practical by incorporating a standing coat rack. What type of coat rack would you choose?

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